Mayur Ramgir's Books



Today, technology is the fundamental thing in our day-to-day life. After attending international universities like Oxford, MIT, GIT, etc. Mayur Ramgir has written books on technology and computer programming. These books cover topics such as Java, Full-stack development, IoT, etc. From beginners to computer experts, everyone takes advantage of his acclaimed books. These books are straight to the point with various real examples and exercises for the reader. Any individual who wants to start a career in computer programming can start from his books. You won’t find it hard to understand his books because of their simple language. Grab your copy today from Amazon!



Being an acclaimed leader in the business world, an inspirational speaker and a successful entrepreneur, Mayur Ramgir has written his first book on leadership and management called “Evolve Like a Butterfly”. This book teaches the process of leadership in a remarkable metamorphic approach. It presents you with the journey of being an interdependent and influential leader who is accountable to the people. You will be greatly improving yourself and start your journey as a leader. This book has also won multiple international awards for the beauty of its writing. It is also a must-read book for those who want to start a career in management. You can grab your copy from Amazon today!



Mayur Ramgir has been a Fellow of The World Technology Network along with Elon Musk, Tim Berners-Lee, Emmanuel Macron, John P. Holdren and Xi Jinping. He has written books on innovation and innovative parenting. His first book for innovation could become an awesome guide for the aspiring innovators who want to stay one step ahead in their life. Whereas, his second books for parents is on parenting as it teaches new innovative methods of parenting that will create the future minds of tomorrow. He still writing more books on innovation to keep inspiring the innovators of tomorrow. Do you want to become the next innovator? Grab your copy today!