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Leaders are made, not born you don’t carry your leadership ability from your mothers womb. However, some people indeed do naturally have traits that make them suitable for leadership, but there is no reason others cannot be trained to achieve the same results. Leadership is not about having a bold voice or high confidence. It is certainly not about making people work for you or forcing them to respect you. Then what is leadership? Leadership is about taking an ethical path to work for a cause, which is good for the betterment of the society. Whether you are leading your own business, a big corporate boardroom or the parliament, it is important to understand that you, as a Leader are responsible to serve individuals who rely on your leadership to make their lives better. Its a huge responsibility you carry as a leader. This book talks about the traits you will need to reach the highest potential and become an ethical leader who will be known for centuries for his/her leadership.Leadership is not difficult but not easy either. As you go through your journey of leadership, you will face lots of questions. But the answers to those questions are all around us, and it is up to us to uncover them. This book gives you the vision to look for those clues by using butterfly metaphor to the leadership development. Journey with me as I define a new leadership development framework that enables individuals to unleash the hidden potential as a leader, in their professional as well as personal lives. No matter what stage of career or life you are at right now, this book will help you to get on the right path to becoming a true leader.

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