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Leaders are made, not born – you don’t carry your leadership ability from your mother’s womb. However, some people indeed do naturally have traits that make them suitable for leadership, but there is no reason others cannot be trained to achieve the same results. Leadership is not about having a bold voice or high confidence. It is certainly not about making people work for you or forcing them to respect you. Then what is leadership? Leadership is about taking an ethical path to work for a cause, which is good for the betterment of the society.

A seminal book sketching a roadmap for future leaders which believes- leaders may be made, trained and evolved. Recommended to all aspiring leaders.

- Santosh K Singh, IPS, Superintendent of Police – Chhattisgarh

A hands-on guide to true leadership. This book is perfect for any upcoming aspiring leader who wants to embark on the successful path of leadership. Mr. Mayur Ramgir has given his best thoughts to explain the different stages of the leadership process by comparing it to the metamorphic evolution of a butterfly. I will highly recommend this book for the leaders of tomorrow.

- Sunil Kumar, Under Secretary, Ministry of Finance, Department of Revenue, Government of India

A book of inevitability, intention, and true purpose that provokes both thought and focus for current leaders and aspiring leaders alike. The analogies and references to Innovation are particularly sage and compelling

- Dr. Jayne Morgan, M.D., Director of Innovation and Research Development, Piedmont Healthcare, Inc

Mayur has brought a very interesting approach to leadership. The evolution of leadership, self developed, is much more challenging. Mayur brings an approach that might be an alternative to the ones embarking on the self learning journey of leadership

- Lara Bezerra Chief Purpose Officer (Managing Director) Roche Products (India) Pvt. Ltd.

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