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Full stack Java development is a great way to start one’s journey to becoming a full stack developer. Any student will find this book very helpful to learn about the essential technologies and ecosystem of web application development. Web technologies like HTML, jQuery, bootstrap, web services, etc. Are well explained in the book. The exploration is not just limited to theoretical knowledge as the book also has add-ons to improve one’s understanding of the subject. This book will greatly help students prepare to become full stack developers.

In the current state of enterprise development it is becoming difficult to find books to head start in technology as complex as Spring. That’s the value of this book, giving you a recipes-based approach and taking you from zero to creating your first practical Spring application.

– Víctor Leonel Orozco López, R&D at Nabenik, Computer Science Lecturer at Universidad Rafael Landívar, Guatemala.

Mayur presents each part of the web development process with simplicity and depth, to give new developers the opportunity to appreciate what it takes to bring all the pieces together with hands-on examples that can be used as the basis of new projects.

– Alan Williamson, Java Champion & CTO of MacLaurin Group, USA.

If you are a Java professional or want to be one, this is the book. A very structured approach to all nuances, explained at various levels starting from concept, structure, architecting and finally to the code part. Be it readability, naming, unit testing, OOD, exceptions automation, integration or concurrency, it is all there with straightforward examples.

– Kamalendu Bali, Senior Director, Solutions, Concentrix, Guest Faculty, IIT, Delhi, Visiting Faculty, IIT, Roorkee, India.

If what you are looking for is a book where you can find a good summary of Java Full Stack, this is a very good option. Not only for people who are new to Java, but for those who already have knowledge but want a guide for it. This is the type of book that you will enjoy reading, and will help you learn. It is very well written, documented, and illustrated.

– Rolando Carrasco, Oracle Groundbreaker Ambassador & Oracle ACED, CTO Service Orientation and API Management Architect, Mexico.

This book is remarkable it covers a lot to be a real and effective Spring full-stack developer, blending Java SE 13 features will make you even more productive.

– Mohamed Taman, Java Champion and Oracle Groundbreakers Ambassador, Sr. Solutions Architect, Devtech Ltd., Serbia.

If you are interested in getting an overview of both front-end and back-end technologies, this book is for you. Regarding Java, it will speak clearly and directly about popular and mature frameworks within the market, such as Hibernate and Spring. The interesting point is that this book will talk about good practices and useful concepts applied in the market, so besides learning the productivity that a framework can bring, the reader will know good practices of how to use it.

– Otávio Gonçalves de Santana, Developer Relations Engineer at Platform.sh, Brazil.

The concepts in this book makes it easy to implement the real-time applications. Mayur Ramgir’s wisdom guided me and continues to shape my approach to many aspects of my work. Technical Specification & Architectural Views mentioned in the book are practical oriented, which is useful for experts as well as beginners. This book gives an in-depth and hands-on explanation of the concepts behind full stack development. Great book to kick start your career as a full stack developer!

– Bert Jan Schrijver, Java Champion and CTO at OpenValue, Netherlands.

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