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About This Book

  • Tackle all kinds of performance-related issues and streamline your development
  • Master the new features and new APIs of Java 9 to implement highly efficient and reliable codes
  • Gain an in-depth knowledge of Java application performance and obtain best results from performance testing
What You Will Learn

  • Work with JIT compilers
  • Understand the usage of profiling tools
  • Generate JSON with code examples
  • Leverage the command-line tools to speed up application development
  • Build microservices in Java 9
  • Explore the use of APIs to improve application code
  • Speed up your application with reactive programming and concurrency
Who This Book Is For

This book is for Java developers who would like to build reliable and high-performance applications. Prior Java programming knowledge is assumed.

Style and approach

This step-by-step guide provides real-world examples to give you a hands-on experience.

In Detail

Finally, a book that focuses on the practicalities rather than theory of Java application performance tuning. This book will be your one-stop guide to optimize the performance of your Java applications.
We will begin by understanding the new features and APIs of Java 9. You will then be taught the practicalities of Java application performance tuning, how to make the best use of garbage collector, and find out how to optimize code with microbenchmarking. Moving ahead, you will be introduced to multithreading and learning about concurrent programming with Java 9 to build highly concurrent and efficient applications. You will learn how to fine tune your Java code for best results. You will discover techniques on how to benchmark performance and reduce various bottlenecks in your applications. We’ll also cover best practices of Java programming that will help you improve the quality of your codebase.
By the end of the book, you will be armed with the knowledge to build and deploy efficient, scalable, and concurrent applications in Java.

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