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One of the bitter truth of our world is that most of its resources including education, shelter, healthcare, water, and even healthy food are limited to a portion of the society, most of the people especially those who are living in poverty are mainly the targets and are deprived of the basic needs. For taking them out of their present condition and providing them the best for their livelihood Mayur Ramgir Scholarship for Betterment of Underprivileged Children is among those sponsors who support free education for the kids who belong to unprivileged families and cannot support their education. Mayur Ramgir Scholarship for Betterment of Underprivileged Children provides grant for 50 kids to support their academic resources, undertake their extra curriculum activities, innovation camps, innovation and leadership coaching personally by Mr. Mayur Ramgir. If you know kids who are deprived of their fundamental rights and eager to learn, grow, and move forward parallel with the rest, you can fill the nomination form below.

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