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Introduction to the Workshop

Today, innovation and critical thinking are changing the face of various industries. Every organization or group wants to continuously progress with new ideas and solve problems in our society. This workshop on unbarred innovation aims to provide a proper framework to promote creativity and innovation among teams and help you apply new unexplored solutions. You will learn about the various design thinking principles, ideation with practical exercises, and testing with real-world scenarios. Plus, innovative problem-solving tools will be explored to face business challenges, build teams, strategies, and environments.

Features of the Workshop

Identify the box that limits your thinking

Applying critical thinking in real-world scenarios

Finding the competitive edge in the market

Low-fidelity and high-fidelity prototyping

Bringing clarity to a vision

Stimulation of innovation and creativity

Idea generation tools

Explore design thinking tools

Benefits of Attending this Innovation Workshop
Who Should Join This Workshop
Who Should Join this Workshop?
Learning Objectives
What is Innovation?

Innovation is one of the most important topics of today’s competitive world. Innovation is the process in which we bring change or improvement to an existing problem around us. Innovation is all about something new; it could be creating or changing something. It’s about creating a social/economic/environmental impact with new ideas and thinking. Unbarred innovation is the process of innovating by learning from inspirations. The unwavering determination and efforts of other innovators play an important role in inspiring potential innovators. With unbarred innovation, they are able to explore more opportunities, think out of the box, take calculated risks, and better use design thinking tools.

Importance of Innovation

Implementing innovation in our lives provides various benefits;

Focus on Creative Development

Creativity is essential to survive at the competitive edge. Being innovative means that you are able to think out of the box and show creativity with your efforts. Creativity alone could open doors to many opportunities in your life. You can get access to new markets or current trends.

Focus on Continuous Improvement

Since innovation is all about change, it brings improvement to your day-to-day life. Continuous improvement helps an individual/product/organization to stay relevant to the changing world. There’s always some scope of improvement, even when you think that there’s not.

Develop USP (Unique Selling Point)

Innovation adds a unique value proposition to an organization. If innovation is implemented in the right way, it could provide a great competitive advantage in a market that is getting saturated continuously. Innovation provides you a positive exposure among people while everyone else is doing the same thing.

Types of Innovation that You Will Understand

The workshop will encourage you to go through the different types of innovations and how they are implemented. The innovation types will be understood through their objective of innovation and degree of change. In this workshop, you will understand these common types of innovations;

Sustaining Innovation

Sustaining innovation is aimed to create improved networks of value and customer satisfaction in the current market. Instead of creating a new value network, it’s about working on the existing one.

Architectural Innovation

Architectural innovation is aimed to take advantage of existing tools, technologies, methodologies, or approaches from one domain and apply them to another. It’s all about finding the right combination to bring innovation.

Incremental Innovation

Incremental innovation is all about bringing small yet steady improvements into products, services, business operations, marketing, etc. These changes take place occasionally to minimize risks and improve existing offerings.

Rapid Innovation

Rapid innovation takes place to respond to a sudden change in the market condition. Innovators have to act instantly to take the best leverage of the situations—for example, Pharmaceutical companies during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Disruptive Innovation

Disruptive innovation aims to create a new product, business model, service, or concept entirely. This gives birth to a new market segment and includes value drivers. This type of innovation usually comes from a new player in the market; it eventually replaces established market leaders from dominance.