The best thing that you can do after acquiring your MBA degree is to establish your own business, instead of getting hired.

You are finally done with your MBA degree, and now are developing your future career plan. What do you think is the best path forward? Depends on your preferences mostly, but we can surely give you some advice.

Okay, so tell us what do you prefer more. Do you want to stay stuck in the same routine every day? Do you want to do the same thing over and over again? Do you want someone constantly nagging down your back, and asking you to do this and that? And do you want a pay that fails to justify the efforts you make? No, right? This is exactly why you should not sign up for a job at all. Instead of struggling and trying to find your foot in the tough competitive world, you should just stay out of the job market.

If you are not applying for a job, what can you do? Build your own company. Find a creative idea, pitch it out and then sell. Why are we saying that you should tread on an entrepreneurial path? Because when you establish your own company, you reap in numerous benefits. Learning, growth, flexibility, revenues, and most of all, you do something that you are passionate about.

Where does an MBA degree fit in all of this? Do you think that you could have done this even without an MBA degree? No, your MBA degree will be of immense help on your journey, and here is how.


When you establish your own startup, you will have to be creative and take risks every day. Your MBA will be of vital help in all these risky scenarios because it can teach you about proactive planning and strategizing. You learn risk management, and use it to make sure that all potential risks are being actively monitored. 

Plus, your MBA degree will also train you for growth. You will be able to put all the pieces together, and make sure there are no loopholes in the picture. From developing the product to launching an enticing marketing plan, your MBA will teach you how to do all of it effectively and successfully.


Do you want to get business from the bigger companies out there? Or do you want potential investors to provide you with substantial amount of funds? You need to show them that you are organized, you have a promising idea and you can certainly execute it well. 

Today, all the bigger companies have an extremely structured approach and do not tolerate operational errors, bad planning and incompliance. Point is that if you want business with them, not only should you have a great product, but you should also have well laid operational principles. Doing so will also give you an edge and help you save money.


Sooner or later, you do need a team to work with. But how do you judge quality candidates? Your MBA will teach you all that you need to know about recruiting and retaining top talent.

Many students who dream of pursuing an MBA degree end up choosing the wrong college. This blog talks about how this can be avoided.

So you want to be an MBA graduate. Where does this journey start? When it is your first day in your chosen MBA college? No, it starts a lot earlier than that; right when you decide that you want to pursue an MBA.  What’s the first step now? You understand what’s involved, and starts listing down schools to which you can apply. Sounds easy? Not really, because this is where most of you are bound to make a mistake. Is there something that you can do to avoid? Read on, and you’ll find out.

It all starts with a lack of research

Why do most MBA students select the wrong college for themselves? Because their research is not thorough enough. There are tons of MBA schools out there, and you must research each of them well. Yes, your scores will help you in cutting off a few names, but there are other things to consider as well. The faculty, the reputation, the fees, the alumni and their success stories, the electives offered, the support provided plus other factors. Evaluate schools on the basis of all of these, and then decide the ones that you can target.

And then it’s about not taking enough chances

A lot of prospective MBA students simply cut off schools because they think they will not be able to get in. This might be true if your scores are on the lower side, but we’ve still seen many applicants who underestimate themselves. They don’t even try out and decide without even applying that an MBA college won’t take them in only because it caters to certain ‘cream’ students.

Be realistic, but take chances. Who knows you might be able to get through.

Don’t just apply to one or two MBA colleges

There are so many MBA students who will apply to only one school. Wrong approach. Apply to a number of them, even if they are not your top choice. Ideally, your targeted MBA colleges should contain a mix of options. Use your scores to gauge your candidacy, but don’t limit yourselves to colleges with an average score about the same as yours. Also go for ones with average scores higher and below yours. Cut-offs change every year, and you can never know when things will tip in your favors.

Fees: Highest isn’t always the best

There are several MBA colleges that offer quality education and do not charge on the high end. So many prospective students believe that only the most expensive schools are the best, but not always.

Time to consider the offers!

Awesome! Because you just got an offer from one of the MBA colleges that you applied to. Should you go ahead with the process, and fulfill all the requirements immediately? No, most of the colleges give ample time for this, and you should wait a while. There is always a chance that you may just get an offer from a better college.