Innovation in education management can be achieved if teachers and educators are coached correctly and trained to use advanced methodologies

So you are looking around for ways to innovate teachers. You can definitely improve educational means, technologies and the manner in which lessons are planned. But what you should also do is focus on training the teachers themselves.

If the teachers become more innovative, and come up with new ways to explain the concepts, the quality of education will certainly improve at all levels right from the junior classes till college.

Asses the proficiency of teachers

The proficiency and performance of teachers should be assessed through well planned out metrics. Certain benchmarks should be determined, and if teachers fall below that level, they should be trained in that particular aspect.

Focus on both theory and practical sessions

Many teachers either focus on either theoretical knowledge or practical exams, whereas they should be focusing equally on both.  Education is a science and a craft. Thus, innovators in education management should not only be trained through a fixed course outline, but through a flexible model as well. Abstract teaching and experimental learning each play their own part, and so they should be incorporated in training. As an example, the initial few days can be focused on some coursework, whereas time in later stages can be spent in a classroom for a practical experience of the concepts learnt.

Provide continuous education

Even if teachers have acquired high qualifications and spent several years in the educational industry, they should be trained and coached continuously. As technology advances, so does education. And every teacher needs to be aware of the latest methodologies and practices, so that they can modify their styles accordingly. They should be provided regular access to quality coursework and professional development opportunities so that they are trained on all new forms of providing education.

Give them short term and long term goals

Your training session should not only be innovative, but should allow participants to leave it with a proper plan. Help them set short and long terms goals for themselves, and guide them on achieving their targets. Encourage teachers to think about each of the concepts taught and the manner in which they will apply it in the classroom.

Provide an active learning environment

Active learning is an effective form of training that allows concepts to be understood better and retained longer. Prepare real problem scenario questions so that teachers develop a gist of what they should do when caught up in some situation. Encourage question/answer sessions and group discussions as well, allowing everyone to learn from each other.

Encourage changes and adaption

Effective teaching is adaptive. Teachers must understand that even when training is over, they will still have to reflect back on their styles and make modifications where necessary. They should be able to assess the effectiveness of their teaching through course evaluations, class participation and students feedback, and use it for further improvements.

Modifications should not be limited to the teaching style, but should also be made to the content and structure of the course itself if required.