So you are thinking about starting business but are not sure which sector to start in. Here’s a roundup of top performing sectors, which exhibit a significant growth potential in 2017.

Mindfulness Training

In the recent years, the stigma attached to mental health has started to dissolve. In fact, companies now realize that employees’ performance is directly linked to their mental health. Therefore, they are investing more in providing mindfulness and meditation trainings to their employees. It improves their abilities to cope up with stress and increase their productivity. The mindfulness training industry is measured to be worth approximately $1.1 billion in United States.

Computer Analytics

Application of artificial intelligence in developing interactive software is in high demand these days. The technology can be used in a number of diversified sectors from creating the software of automated cars and drones to creating the interface for interactive games. The industry provides lucrative opportunities for growth and the funding in the sector has reached approximately $522 million globally. However, the entry cost, in the computer vision sector market, is very high. It requires a comprehensive understanding and relevant technical skills to thrive in the market.

Beverage Industry

Beverage industry in United States is undergoing a transformational shift due to the change in the preferences of the consumers. For the past decade, an upward trend was observed in the sales of the energy drinks. However, the trend is falling gradually in the recent years, with the introduction of Relaxation Drinks. The health benefits of these drinks have persuaded millennials to make the switch. In addition to that, another major shift observed, in the beverage industry, is the shift from frozen drinks to ready-to-drink coffees and teas. The market possesses a lot of potential for companies with the relevant gourmet skills set.

Mobile Heath

With the increase in the concern for the physical fitness, the demand for Mobile Health systems has significantly increased. Smart watches and Health applications have become a hot commodity and people need all the health related information on their phone screens. It is estimated that the global health market will capture a share of approximately $10 billion by 2018. The statistics and surveys reveal a promising career in the field. But the downside to entering the industry is that the entrants have to be cautious about not violating HIPAA.

Eco-Friendly Construction Projects

Sustainable projects are given more importance as people are becoming increasingly responsible towards the environment. Green Construction promotes the designs which are energy-efficient and sustainable. A major plus point to start in this industry is that, the sector is given extra support and protection from government, in terms of tax credits and subsidies. The company has displayed an annual growth of approximately 15 percent in the last couple of years.

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This is a list of five entrepreneurial businesses that an MBA graduate could pursue after graduating.

After graduating with an MBA degree, the opportunities for securing a good job offer from a reputable company might seem limitless. However, is getting a good job the only way forward for an MBA graduate?  Definitely NOT! Why use your talents to make someone else rich when you can use them to earn tons of money for yourself.

Entrepreneurship is the key to being your own boss and paving the way for building your own business empire.  Here are some of the things you can do after getting that hard earned MBA degree:

Freelance Writing Services

Many companies are seeking freelance writers to produce quality content for their websites and promotional campaigns. Creating a company that provides quality freelance writing services is an easy way for a skilled MBA graduate to step into the world of entrepreneurship in a cost effective way.

Business Consulting Service

Help other organizations solve their financial and business related problems by starting your very own business consulting service. You can put your MBA degree to good use by teaming up with companies to helping them manage their business strategies, develop better business models, and create marketing plans which would enable them to enhance their growth.

Educational Services

Education is a noble field which allows one to reach out to others and help them grow in their careers. Starting an educational institution would not only be one way of putting your degree to good use, but it would be an ideal way to help others in their quest for knowledge. It might not be as financially rewarding as some of the other entrepreneurial pursuits, but it certainly is an excellent way to achieve self-satisfaction by educating others.

Event Planner

An MBA degree holder with excellent management skills and an analytical way of thinking could also consider diving into the field of event planning. As an event planner, you would be organizing meetings and various types of events. It’s a very profitable field with lots of room for growth and development.

Financial Advising

A financial advisory business seeks to help other organizations with problems related to taxes and insurance. A financial advisor is also responsible for helping individuals and companies in making smart investment decisions. Many professionals hailing from different fields require finance related counseling from time to time and as a financial advisor, you would be there to help them out in their financial endeavors.

Read on to know why women in the world are taking the work- from- home route.

So you have finally decided to work from home and ditch the office life for a much better work life balance route.   But you don’t know what tools you need. Well you have come to the right place as we tell you the essentials you need while working from home.



Just because you have left the office in a tall concrete building doesn’t mean you will be completely rid of an office if you are going to be working from home. You will definitely need an organized and peaceful workspace in your home to be set up so that you can work properly and productively. A place where you can work without being disturbed by the kids, spouse or pets. This area doesn’t have to be a big room but just big enough to have your desk, gadgets (computer, printer, scanner etc). Many companies that hire people who work from home expect that you have a decent place where you can easily and seamlessly do the work. If you are talking with a client (if you’re running your own business) or boss (if you are hired by company to work remotely) you wouldn’t the kettle screaming, the baby crying or the dog barking in the background. It looks unprofessional and sets a bad image.



You need to have a high quality and fast internet service. It is very important because you will be constantly checking emails, downloading files, streaming videos to talking to people online. Internet is a work-from-home person’s most important tool. There is no business that doesn’t require internet.


A phone line

Whether you are an entrepreneur or working remotely for a company, a decent phone line is important. It has to be different from the one you have for your residence because you would want to keep work and personal calls separate. This phone line should be set up in the office or work area you have set up so that whenever the phone rings,  you know which call is for work and which is personal. This is also convenient if the internet is not working you have at least an actual number where people can contact you.



It is totally your call whether you want to have a laptop or a desktop but many serious remote worker or entrepreneurs prefer having a desktop set up in their home office. This is because laptops can be taken anywhere, and this causes someone to casually take their work to other areas of the house such as the sofa or the bed, this creates chances for reduced productivity. Desktop will make you stay in the office space. You need a computer to do all your business from so that goes without saying how important that is.


Other gadgets

Depending on the line of work and the workload you have, you will be required to have some electronic items in your office such as printer and scanner. You will also need a Smartphone where you can check your emails and receive calls if you are out somewhere.