Social Project

Women Empowerment – Army Wives and Widows

An Innovation and skill development workshop to enlighten the talented and innovative workforce. On 23rd January 2019, IIC organized an Innovation Workshop for the army wives and widows. This workshop was attended by 60 to 70 participants. The managing director of Army Welfare Placement Organization, Maj Gen Deepak Sapra also joined the workshop. The workshop began with the introduction to the innovation process and why we need innovation in our lives. To do this, Mr. Mayur Ramgir, National President and CEO of IIC himself took the command of the workshop. He explained how innovations and thinking out of the box can change the world.

The women are often oppressed in our society as they are not given enough opportunities like men. However, with the great initiative of the Indian Army, now they are able to sustain on their own. What they need is just a platform to start their entrepreneurship dream. This was also the main of IIC behind the workshop they had conducted. IIC wants to present a new platform where innovators from every part of the country could gather and work on their ideas or products.

The women from the workshop were very curious and interested to present their ideas. After a bit of group discussion, they came to realize the importance of innovation to start any kind of entrepreneurship venture.

Before thinking about an idea, we must break our barriers to thinking. Similarly, the women from the workshop were asked to forget about their barriers during the workshop to think more creatively. Mr. Mayur Ramgir motivated the participants by narrating true inspirational stories of innovations by various individuals. Now the women just broke their barriers spoke about their ideas openly to the class. This filled them up with more confidence. Plus, they have also discovered a platform to present their innovative ideas. At the end of the workshop, they praised the efforts taken by IIC towards the welfare of women. 

Innovation Workshop

Delhi Army Cantt