Social Project

Cleanliness Campaign – National Service

On 2nd February 2018, IIC (Innovate India Campaign) supported by NCC cadets from Deshbandhu College joined their hands to take the initiative to clean and paint the C.R Park Market no. 1. IIC volunteers and around 30 NCC cadets gathered to paint the market. They also initiated to spread awareness to keep the market clean and tidy. Plus, new marketing techniques were taught to the local vendors by the ICC team. Before the cleanliness campaign, the vicinity of the market was untidy and stained with tobacco marks. The granite slabs where people used to sit were very dirty, the dustbins were leaking, and flies were roaming around in the area. Many people were avoiding this market due to the poor condition of the market and its vicinity.

Mr. Mayur Ramgir, National President and CEO of IIC himself helped the NCC cadets and IIC members by lifting up the broom to clean and paint the market. The program began in the morning when IIC volunteers started to gather raw materials like paint, brooms, and wipers to clean the market. Then the NCC cadets joined shortly to strategize how to execute the job. The C.R Park Market no. 1 is a big market to be cleaned in one single day. After careful planning and strategizing, both the teams (IIC and NCC cadets) took the brooms and paint buckets to start cleaning and painting the market.

The job wasn’t easy or quick, as it took 2-3 hours of complete determination and handwork. In fact, some volunteers and cadets stained their clothes with paint marks while painting the floor of the market. Plus, some parts of the market were so dirty that it was very difficult to apply paint color over those corners. Ultimately, the market got cleaned after lots of efforts and the new red paint was applied to the dirty floor of the market

‘Cleanliness is Godliness’

C.R. Park, market-1