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Sangam Vihar Women Empowerment (BUNIYAD FOUNDATION)

An innovation workshop to discuss innovation, skill development, and entrepreneurship at Buniyaad foundation. On 12th January 2019, IIC and Philanthropist Mr. Mayur Ramgir organized an innovation workshop to empower the women on knowledge and skill development at Buniyaad foundation, Sangam Vihar. The IIC team gave training on brainstorming, idea generation, entrepreneurship and leadership skills. The girls at the camp were also enthusiastic about starting up their own business to become a successful entrepreneur. By discussing the entire innovation process with the girls, IIC innovators elaborated the complete innovation process. 

It is quite often the society constrains the girls from receiving good opportunities to progress in their lives. These girls don’t get equal opportunities like boys. Thus, they have to remain in certain boundaries created by society and traditions. To help these girls Buniyaad foundation and IIC have joined hands to open the path of opportunities for these girls. They are aiming to empower these women by teaching entrepreneurship and leadership skills.

The innovation workshop was attended by around 30 girls. These girls were asked to form groups to discuss the problems they face in their regular lives. To make things more interesting and interactive each group was given mind mapping sheets to visualize their ideas. The girls from the workshop came up with brilliant ideas related to social problems like women safety, education, and healthcare. Firstly, few of the girls had the barrier of shyness before opening up to the class. However, shortly after little support from their peers, they opened up brilliantly by breaking the barriers. Not only the workshop helped the girls with new opportunities, but also improved their presentation and communication skills. By forming the groups, they also improved their leadership and team building skills. In the upcoming future also IIC has planned to conduct more innovation workshops with Buniyad Foundation.

‘To empower the world, first we need to empower the women’.

Sangam Vihar