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Deepalaya Innovation and Leadership Coaching

An Innovation workshop at Deepalaya NGO to discuss social problems and their solutions in our society. On 19 January 2019, IIC organized an innovation workshop at Deepalaya, Janakpuri. This was workshop was attended by 40 social workers and Deepalaya Chief Executive, Mr. A.J. Philip. To introduce the process of innovation and idea generation, IIC innovators started with the ice breaking activity of discussing the meaning of Innovation. Many participants came up with their own version of innovation. However, everyone wanted to convey the same message i.e. “to create something new”.

The job of a social worker is not an easy job to do. Each day they have to face many social problems on the field. The social workers were very interested in discussing their day to day problems with the IIC innovators. To make the discussion more interactive for the participants the social workers were divided into groups. Then each group had the task to address their problems. After a couple of minutes of constructive brainstorming, each group’s representative conveyed a problem they face on a regular basis. The problems were mostly related to the social sector, education, and fundraising.

Mr. Mayur Ramgir, national president of IIC himself took the command of the stage and conducted an inspirational discussion about innovation and leadership. The participants came to realize the importance of innovation in our day to day lives. Then the IIC innovators introduced the productive activity of mind mapping. In this activity, each participant was given the mind mapping sheet. They just needed to locate the steps to visualize their ideas. This tool was very helpful in bringing out the most creative and impressive ideas out of the participants of the workshop. At the end Chief Executive of Deepalaya NGO, Mr. A.J. Philip praised the efforts given by the IIC team for Deepalaya.

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Innovation and Leadership Workshop

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