Innovation Camp


An innovation workshop to teach the importance of innovation and entrepreneurship to the kids.  On 26th December 2018, IIC organized an innovation workshop at VSPK International School. This workshop helped the kids to focus more on idea generation and teamwork to discover new ideas and concepts. Children attended the workshop in flocks and got the chance to present their ideas in front of the class.

Innovation is very important to bring our world from backwardness. Our necessities give birth to innovation. With this workshop, children got the chance to explore the world of possibilities and invent new concepts. MerrySpell innovators collaborated with IIC in this workshop and gave children the chance to think out of the box and earn some creative satisfaction. This out of the box thinking can greatly help the students in their academics by letting them find alternative solutions to problems.

To get the best ideas from the workshop, the children were divided into various groups. Then each group had to address one problem and come up with a solution after brainstorming. Many kids presented brilliant innovative ideas that could become realities and help the world to be a better place. Ideas like eco-friendly garbage disposal, electrifying security lock of a bicycle, bike ambulance were coming from their bright young minds.

Children learned about concepts like brainstorming, idea generation, mind mapping, and teamwork. The schoolteachers also liked the IIC Innovation Workshop and praised teachings in the workshop. The shy children were coming on stage to present their ideas while eliminating their fear and improving their confidence levels. 

Innovation Workshop