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Sunshine NGO For Underprivileged Children

An Innovation workshop to provide a platform to the deserving kids at “Project Sunshine”. On 5th January, IIC conducted a special innovation workshop for the underprivileged kids at Project Sunshine. Innovators from IIC taught about concepts like idea generation, teamwork, brainstorming, and mind mapping. Together these tools helped the kids to better understand the innovation process.

The underprivileged kids often don’t get the chance to innovate or start their own business. Mostly, they have constraints of money and resources. However, they are given a chance, then they can do miracles because they have already learned to live under limited resources. Thus, we can surely expect an efficient and innovative future workshop. For this reason, IIC wants to provide them with the platform to grow their ideas. The children were very excited to discuss their ideas. Some children even drew and made cardboard models of their ideas. This infused a great level of creativity and curiosity among the kids. These models are known as low-fidelity prototypes which are designed before developing an actual product or an idea.

The innovators from IIC introduced the brilliant tool of mind mapping to the kids which helped the kids to better visualize the necessities to realize their ideas. The kids were divided into few groups which made the process much easier for them. Together the groups and the group leaders mapped their ideas into the mind mapping sheets. Then the kids were asked to present their ideas in front of the class. Firstly, they were quite shy and hesitant to present themselves. However, after some encouragement from IIC innovators and Project Sunshine staff, the kids were able to open up and present themselves. Some of the ideas were completely out of the box, while some ideas were more related to our day to day problems.

Innovation Workshop

Saket Metro Station, New Delhi