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AIIMS Hospital Food Donation

The AIIMS Hospital in Delhi is one of the largest medical institutions in the city. People from all over the country travel to Delhi to have their medical treatment at AIIMS. People come with their relatives and friends for their treatment. These people have to wait for many hours in the waiting area of the hospital for their loved ones in the hospital. Philanthropist and founder of ZForce, Mr. Mayur Ramgir, and ZForce team gathered to donate food to these people who stay hungry in tension and stress.

The program started in the afternoon when ZForce volunteers gathered to prepare Khichdi (Kedgeree). Big utensils were arranged to cook the dish for a large number of people. After cooking the dish for a couple of hours, the ZForce team visited the AIIMS to distribute the food to people waiting near the hospitals. People came in flocks to get the food and feed their hungry stomach. These people were waiting in ques inside the premises of the hospital. The vicinity of the hospital is also surrounded by beggars and unprivileged. They also hugely benefited from this noble initiative taken by the ZForce team. Some of them stored the food for later consumption.

The cooking process was not that hard but distributing the food to such a large number of people was very hard. However, the initiative was brilliantly executed by the hard working ZForce team and Mr.  Mayur Ramgir Himself. ZForce has been gathering donations and funds to conduct such donation events to the near future.

distribute food to the underprivileged

AIIMS Hospital