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Why the big thinkers of today can help the education sector

Find out why the big thinkers can influence and help the educational sector.

Education is one of the biggest evolving industries for big thinkers. Wondering why? Let’s jump straight to it because the answer is simple: the big thinkers of today will influence the big thinkers of tomorrow. Here are some of the reasons:

Create problem solvers

There is a growing need of solutions to real world problems and many people in the educational sector don’t realize it. However, the earlier the children get exposed to scenarios where they need to use their critical skills in order to solve real world problems, the better they would become. Yes there might be a genius or 2 who will come up with a new way of farming vegetables in your backyard or reducing the carbon imprint, but that’s rare. The new era is coming up with multiple problems. Multiple problems need multiple solutions and multiple solutions are only generated when there are multiple people working together.

New ideas

The one key thing about every thought leader or big thinker is that their ideas are always unique that makes them stand apart from the rest. They use never old techniques and strategies in coming up with solutions. Big thinkers can come up with new ideas and propose them to the schools and universities so that the students view education as something instrumental in their lives.

Contributing to the world

Using the “pay it forward” strategy, the big thinkers can contribute to the education sector by helping them devise plans and methods to effectively teach in the classrooms. They can have a mentoring program for students that show interest and skills in a particular field. By doing so, they can hone their skills so that they become future leaders.


Teaching the teachers

Big thinkers and thought leaders can enlighten the teachers and the educator’s community to adopt new styles and teaching methodologies that can create a better learning experience for the students. Skilled teachers will result in better students.


Rethinking the value of education

Students these days think of education as 2 things:

  • The road to a big fat paycheck
  • An ocean of debt
Either way, it’s all about money. New programs that are competency based and not involve heavy student debts that scare off potential students into getting higher education should be introduced. Students should also be told that a diploma or degree is not the primary face of a good education. There are innovators and thought leaders who had no degrees but they have excelled in life by taking risks, learning from failure and learning through both books and real world problems. We have examples such as Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Michael Dell to name a few. They need to know that money is not the main aim for getting education.