What It Really Takes to be Innovative?

Are you looking for ways to be innovative? Read this post to find out how having that one thing in your arsenal can help you be more innovative.

You must have heard so many people (sometimes even companies) complain how they struggle with being innovative. No matter how hard they try, it seems like the bulb of innovation won’t even flicker over their heads.

In reality, such individuals or firms are not exactly struggling with innovation, they are actually struggling with obtaining perspectives! Contrary to the popular belief innovation does not require money; it requires a fresh perspective only, an incredible, new, insight of sorts which encourages them to come up with something extraordinary.

And this is something that a lot of people struggle with, so if you also find yourself in this group please know that you are not alone! Having said that, let’s talk about how you can overcome this block in perspectives and open your channels of innovation.

Adopt Collaboration as Your Middle Name:

Often what happens is that when we are trying so very hard to come up with an innovative solution we end up restricting our views. We tend to look at that problem through one lens only. Sometimes we become aware of this and we consciously tell ourselves to broaden and vision and try looking at the problem by stepping into someone else’s shoes.

This can work, but even by stepping into someone else’s shoes and then looking at things your perspective will not be as similar to the person who actually owns the shoes. So why not spend time with them and get their two cents about the problem?

In other words, why not collaborate with other positive great minds and see what they have to contribute? More often than not you will be pleasantly surprised with just how differently everyone looks at the same problem.

Let the “Can’t Do This” Attitude Go:

Another reason why sometimes it becomes difficult for us to gain a fresh perspective is because of the mental limitations we exert on ourselves or our situations. Even before actually thinking about the idea, we cancel it by telling ourselves that “we won’t be able to do this so why waste time even thinking about this”.

What is the harm with entertaining an idea? This is one of the silliest things people do by which they end up blocking their own innovative path. Remember, where there is a will, there is a way.

Never Stop Revisiting:

Another way of gaining a fresh perspective is to not stay stuck up on something, but rather when you feel that you are not able to come up with anything innovative presently, keep it aside and come back to it later.

Most people confess that they find pretty innovative and simple solutions to the problems that seemed impossible to solve previously. This is because sometimes our minds get stuck in a particular frame through which it keeps on viewing the problems so even if the answer is right in front of us we are unable to see it because it does not fit that particular frame in which our mind is in at that moment.