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Using new tools to teach

Read on to know how giving teachers the right tools to teach can bring huge changes in the education sector.

Times have changed a lot especially really fast in the last decade or so where technology has changed various sectors of the world. The education sector has also been impacted. Gone are the days when teachers used to make the students do rote memorization, reading through lots of texts that not only bored them but also lessened their deter them from studying. Nowadays, thanks to innovative technological advances, teachers are using new methods to teach their kids. Information and knowledge is easy to access and share more than ever so there really is no excuse for someone not getting a good education (at least not in the developed world).

Here are just some of the ways the teachers are using new tools to teach their students:

Smart board

We thought that using white board was cool thing back in the day when they were first introduced to replace the traditional chalk board but now the board has evolved into a smart board which is an innovative technology incorporating the touch screen capabilities on a computer screen that is projected to the classroom. Teachers can now use their computers and also write over them through the use of a special touch pen. There is no need to use chalk or pen and no issue of cleanups.

Cloud Technology

Now the students who have missed their lessons due to any reasons have no excuse to not do their homework or assignments because whatever the teacher taught in the class can be stored or backed up by cloud technology and it can be accessed by the students with the permission of the teacher. It can include videos, audio, PDFs that they can print out etc.


It is short for Massive Open Online Course and it is a very useful and important platform for people all over the world to access and learn subjects through this innovative way of distance learning. Professors and teachers from different universities collaborate and create subjects that people can study. They get assignments and tests in which they are graded on and at the end of the term they can even get certifications for passing the subject. The students can then put these certifications on their resumes as well.


Apps for learning and education are also drastically changing the way people learn new things. There are apps for language learning, for math, history and other subjects who anyone wants to delve into. Some are free while others have to be purchased. The best part about them is that they are for mobiles so the students can access them whenever they are on the move.


Teachers can create audio lectures for their students and upload them as podcast that the students can listen to their iPods or other mp3 players. Nowadays, who doesn’t have an mp3 player? And for those who don’t, can listen to them on their smart phones. Podcasts are also an easy way to listen to lectures on the go and it also saves the students’ time.