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The 5 reasons why our schools have no innovation

The educational sector has a dearth in innovation these days due to many reasons. Learning is different from what it was 2- 3 decades ago. There needs to be educational reforms in order to improve the literacy rate and enhance the quality of the education system in America. However, some things need to be addressed and tackled before any progress happens due to them being obstacles in the path of education.


It is the job of the parents first to ensure that the children are receiving a good education from the school. If the child doesn’t do well in school, then ask them what could be the reason instead of just blaming it on laziness. There could be an undiagnosed learning disability. They should attend all the PTA’s and ask the teachers what strategies they use to teach their kids. This in turn will help them know what more needs to be done in order to make their children learn effectively. After all, they know their children more than anyone. Most parents are too occupied with their work to even care about such things and leave entirely everything on the school board.


School board

The school board always makes promises by talking about introducing innovative concepts in teaching and learning at their schools but back out when it is actually time to act out on it. Teachers don’t want to get out of their old teaching bubble by employing new strategies because they are new or uncomfortable to them. The result is the same old teaching methods to a generation of students that is so different to the ones they taught in the 90s.


Old and scripted curriculum

Although the concepts in the subjects are the same, but the approach to teaching them should be updated and renewed every few years. There should be special textbooks for students with learning disabilities like dyslexia and ADHD. Textbooks can be made in different formats to be more appealing to the students so that they grasp complex subjects easily. For e.g. there is a manga (Japanese style comics) textbook series that covers some of the basic subjects like math to complex ones such as quantum physics.


No room to grow

Classrooms should be a place of fostering the minds to grow both intellectually and artistically. Often students are kept in a virtual box by the teachers and are not encouraged to explore outside the bounds of a textbook and a rigid learning method. There should be project based learning where the students can learn by doing their own research and analysis.


Report card mentality

Report cards should not be the only yardstick to gauge the talents, skills and mental faculties of a student. Google encourages its employees to fail and knows that success only comes after learning from failing. Don’t make failing a sin for the students. Encourage them to value the learning process more than the end result which is just a letter on card.