The 5 Mistakes People Make When They Think of Innovation

While everyone agrees that being innovative is one of the biggest needs of today’s time and age, not everyone seems to think about it the same way. In fact, it is solely due to these misconceptions that people have about innovation that so many people actually never step out of their lane and try their hand at being innovative.

Let’s look at some of the top 5 mistakes people make when they think of innovation.

The Innovation Must Occur Within Our Comfort Zone

Being innovative means you will have to do something you haven’t done and most likely nobody else has either. In such situations, how can one expect innovation to occur within one’s comfort zone? This is one common mistake that people make when they confuse innovation with comfort.

Unrealistic Expectation about the Risk Factor

As we just said that innovation means stepping out of your comfort zone. We all know that outside out comfort zone the risk factor of things not going our way is way too high. This is because we have never been on the other side and we have no idea how things are going to go.

When you are being innovative, you are essentially experimenting with ideas hoping for some results. Nobody knows how those results are going to turn out to be. They can be in your favor, and they can be equally against it. Naturally, a little bit of fear is expected, but fearing the  unknown to such an extent where you never even attempt to do something is another major  mistake people make which keeps them from being innovative.

Coming Up with an Innovative Idea Requires a lot of Resources

Another common misconception that people have regarding innovation is that you need to have a lot of resources especially in terms of financial and technical support. While you may need to invest in your innovative idea and that investment would largely depend upon what exactly is your innovative idea, you only need your creativity and passion to come up with an innovative idea.

Innovation is a One Man Show

There are people who might come up with an innovative solution entirely on their own; it does not always have to be that way. You can be innovative in collaboration with other creative minds as well. In fact, several experts actually recommend having a creative network in place for this purpose only.

The reason why this works is because the more people you have on hand, the more variety you will have in terms of perspectives too. Four people looking at one thing will all be looking at it from their unique perspectives. The more the perspectives to learn from, the higher will be the chances of coming up with an innovative idea.

The Innovative Spirit Should be Free

A lot of people actually confuse the innovative spirit being “free” for “purposeless”.

Being free means letting your innovative spirit really explore the areas it wishes to explore and questions the things it comes across. This does not mean that all this exploration and questioning should be without a purpose!

Avoid these 5 mistakes next time you wish to come up with something innovative.

Good luck!