Most Innovative Education Ideas

A list of some of the most innovative ideas in education sector, which have transformed the way we learn.

Remote learning and online classrooms have gained massive popularity in the recent years. The break from traditional classrooms structures was made possible because of the emergence of the innovative start-ups in the education sector.

Here is a list of some of the most innovative ideas in education sector, which have transformed the way we learn.


Millennials aspire for a more inclusive world. They prefer travelling over settling in their hometowns, which has made more people interested in learning a foreign language. Duolingo has made learning a foreign language extremely easy and fun. The website is compatible on various gadgets and offers a wide range of languages to learn. Another distinguishing feature about the application is that, the language program is designed according to the levels. You start from the basic and are then progressed to higher levels based on your performance, which means that you can work at your own pace. In addition to that, Duolingo has a wide user base for each language they offer. So you can practice your language skills by communicating with others. Best part you ask? Signing up for it is absolutely free.


There are a lot of companies who are now investing in Augmented Reality education-based games. But Kinems has taken the concept a notch higher by modifying it for students with special education needs. Kinems enables users to create a completely personalized learning program based on interactive games. It operates from hand gestures and body movements. Since it has simplified its user mode therefore it can be used by students suffering from dyspraxia, ADHD, dyslexia and autism.

Khan Academy

Started off as an accident, Khan Academy has transformed the way we look at classrooms. They are the first to introduce the concept of remote learning. They publish educational videos online about a wide range of topics. Khan Academy works on the concept that learning doesn’t have to be confined within the bounds of educational institutions. In addition to that, they have recently partnered with College Board in United States to create an open resource for SAT prep materials.

Wolfram Alpha

Wolfram Alpha is an absolutely amazing tool for everyone studying mathematics. It is a unique combination of a calculator and math encyclopedia. It not only gives you solution to your math problem, but also explains it through a step-by-step process. It is an extremely useful resource for students involved in STEM study programs. The most prominent feature of this application is the wide variety of topics it covers. Wolfram Alpha’s engaging visual graphics and step-by-step ‘how to’s’ help you in developing a comprehensive understanding of the material.