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Innovation in education

Schools these days have started to slowly make the shift from traditional forms of education to the more modern and contemporary but there are still many school systems that are staying behind when it comes to introducing innovations in schools. So here are the most reasons why schools need innovative ideas:


Learning for everyone

Researches and studies over the years have discovered learning disabilities which were once considered to be something else. Children were that ADHD or dyslexia were thought of as “dumb, slow or lazy kids” who had no interest in studying. This thinking only further deterred those students into thinking that they were not good at studying. But now thanks to research there are special teaching methods and learning styles created to aid these students with learning disabilities and they can now study at the same level as their peers. Now even Children with Down’s syndrome can finish school.


Improvement in learning and teaching

People have experimented and created new learning styles and methods that help students to pick up concepts and information easily. There are schools which teach children life skills early on so that their transition to adult life is easier as opposed to the basic textbook method where all they did was read facts and figures.


Schools shouldn’t focus more on the regular grading system because everyone has a different learning level. The innovative schools teach children that it’s ok to fail so long as you learn something from it. They also teach children that even if they fail, how can they come up with a better or correct solution to the problem. This in turn increases their critical learning skills.


Career shift

Due to technological advancement much of the industrial sector has had a migration of jobs for people. There will be 7 million jobs that will be lost in the industrial sector because most of the work will be done by machines anyway. Children need to learning new and different things that will create a new job market for them and this will secure their future.


The good thing about it is there will be new jobs and categories created as well so they have to prepare themselves for the change. Many jobs that we see today won’t even exist in the next 5 years and will be replaced by technology and there will be new kinds of jobs springing up.


Staying in touch with latest trends

Schools need to keep up with the technology that is being introduced every day. There new devices, apps and machines that people are using every day. Innovations like the Smart board, tablets instead of books are just to name a few.


Easily accessible

Innovation is important in education because it needs to be accessible by everyone even if it’s in other countries. By doing so, everyone can get and share knowledge easily across the globe. Distance learning through the internet has created new opportunities for people to access education which wasn’t possible before. People can teach live online to students across other countries or students can access their lessons from home if they are unable to go to school.