10 Social Media Posts – Inspiring College Students on Innovation and Entrepreneurship Part 1

Post 1

Graduates have it tough in this day and age. Besides graduating with degrees that cost an arm and a leg to get, they are hurled into a job market that doesn’t favor their skills. Is it any wonder why so many are disheartened and feel hopeless about their career prospects? If you are a college grad, here(hyperlink to blog -Why college students need to stop looking for jobs) is what you should be doing.

Post 2:

If you want to get an MBA degree, this blog is for you especially if you are researching colleges for it right now. Most applicants end up choosing the wrong one which costs them financially and career wise as well. Here (hyperlink to blog – The mistake most MBAs make ) are common mistakes you can make in this regard.

Post 3:

If you have an MBA, why are you working to build someone else’s business? You have all of the tools you need start one of your own and even a number of them, right? Unfortunately, due to lack of relevant courses and unqualified professors, most business graduates end up working for someone else. Here (hyperlink to blog – Why aren’t more MBA students starting their own businesses?)are some more reasons why.

Post 4:

An MBA may be the most coveted degree in business, but is it really worth it? Will it really get you the job you have been after for years? If that were the case, wouldn’t every MBA get a dream job right out of college? Here (hyperlink to blog – Why doing an MBA just to get a better job is a terrible idea )are some reasons why getting this degree for better job prospects is a terrible idea.

Post 5:

How can you cash in on an already extremely expensive MBA degree? By starting and managing your own business of course. Yes, the prospect is scary, but you are more qualified than anyone else to do that. That’s what those classes and research and endless hours studying taught you. Here (hyperlink to blog – Creating the right mindset after an MBA)is what you can do to increase your chances.

Post 6:

If you have a MBA to your name, why aren’t you using it to strike out on your own? Did you really earn it to work for someone else and make money for them? You are getting a mere pittance for the amount of work and efforts you are putting in anyway. Here(hyperlink to blog – Don’t do an MBA to get a better job – do it to start your own business) is why you should give entrepreneurship a try.

Post 7:

As an MBA graduate, you have all of the skills, credentials and guts to start your own business, why are you working for someone else? If you put all of that hard work into a venture of your own, imagine the benefits you can reap! Here (hyperlink to blog – Stop wasting your MBA by earning money for someone else) are more reasons why you should do this instead of a job.

Post 8:

If you have a MBA and are still not doing well in the job market, then perhaps it’s time to strike out on your own. You have all of the skills and resources to do so after all so what are you waiting for? There are several reasons why you may be struggling at a job too. Here (hyperlink to blog – Why people with MBAs are ill-suited for jobs)are a few that can open your eyes to new possibilities.

Post 9:

A MBA degree may be a fine feather in your cap, but will it really benefit you in such an uncertain job market. It is completely saturated with equally hopeful graduates who might be more qualified than you are! Here (hyperlink to blog – Why people with MBAs are ill-suited for jobs )are some reasons why this degree is great in terms of starting a new business.

Post 10:

Thousands of MBA graduates are stepping straight into a job market that does not need them or can afford them. Most employers are looking for people who are more experienced and have more skills than the average student holds. Read up (hyperlink to blog – The era of getting an MBA for a better job is over )on how you can still benefit from this degree.