Why Entrepreneurship is easier now than ever before

In the past two decades there has been a much bigger focus on entrepreneurship than ever before. You must have noticed this yourself – young people are more into entrepreneurship instead of finding jobs. It might seem a bit puzzling, the way society’s perception on jobs and self-employment are changing, but there are some very good reasons behind this shift. Let’s look at how changing technologies, societies, economies, and globalization have made entrepreneurship so attractive these days.

People don’t trust jobs anymore

This is something that most people don’t realize has affected people’s attitudes towards entrepreneurship, that jobs and careers are no longer as attractive as they were once before. Go back thirty years and the general advice was to go to a good college so you will get a good job. Getting a good job was considered to be a major achievement, and an easy way to ensure that you will have a good life. A good job meant you would grow, earn, save, and end up working in the same company for a decade.

The last two decades have shows everyone the folly of this thinking. It worked as long as economies were stable, but the banking crisis, the housing market crash, economic distresses, and other similar shocks have shown people just how weak jobs and careers can be. People who had been working for years in companies were downsized, regardless of their performance. Jobs started drying up. People have realized that they cannot depend on jobs to have a good life anymore.

It has never been easier to become an entrepreneur

This shift has largely been driven by information technology. It has never been as easy to be an entrepreneur as it is now. You have many industries which can be entered without a big investment. Can’t afford to open up an office or a shop? Just spend a few dollars on getting a domain, set up a website using a free WordPress template in a few hours, and your store is up. If you don’t want to do that, you can even begin selling things from a free Facebook page. Sure, such entry level businesses will not make you a millionaire overnight, but they are excellent alternatives to entry level jobs, and give you the freedom to pursue your dreams.

Marketing is cheaper than ever before

Digital marketing has completely changed the game for entrepreneurs. Until a decade ago there was no cheap and effective way to market your business. If you were running a small restaurant, you couldn’t afford to put an advertisement on TV or even the newspaper. There was no customer targeting. Billboards were expensive as well. Now, even if your restaurant is just a small hole in the wall, you can spend a few hundred dollars and advertise to the exact demographic that you want to. You don’t even have to spend a hundred dollars – you can set aside a few dollars and run a daily campaign on Facebook.

It has never been easier to go out and pursue your dreams. If you are still stuck in a job or are dreading having to work for someone else, you need to look around you and see how entrepreneurship can help you.