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What you should do after MBA?

When you are done with your MBA, is applying to jobs the only thing that you should do? No, try out entrepreneurship and reap in the benefits

Congratulations! You finally have an MBA degree. How do you cash it though? You can step out in the job market, and try out your luck. You can improve your qualification even further or join a college as teacher.

But if you want to really enjoy the benefits of your MBA degree, none of the above options is the best choice.

Start your own business.

Yes, that is what every MBA graduate out there should be doing, but unfortunately only a handful of students choose to tread on this path.

Why, you ask? Because there are so many benefits of becoming an entrepreneur. You practice your passion, you unleash your creativity and you enjoy flexibility. Yes, it does not come without a struggle and a fight, but the end results are worthy of the efforts involved. It’s challenging and demanding, but all of it pays you back.

Is there something that you can do to make sure that you emerge as a successful entrepreneur? Read on!

Should or should you not find a partner?

Finding a partner is absolutely okay as long as you split the ownership and earnings wisely. Most MBA graduates opt for a 50-50 without giving it a second thought. But this is such a wrong approach. There are so many instances when these co-founders give up and sign themselves for a corporate job. That is fine, but not if want to enjoy the same percentage of ownership and earnings.

So research beforehand and decide everything right at the start.

Turn to a mentor

If there is a mentor to guide you along the way, there is a good chance that you can take your startup business several notches higher. Look around in your network and you are sure to come across successful entrepreneurs. Strike a chord with any one of them and get them to trust you. If they like your idea, they will coach you and offer support at every step.

Stay focused and committed

There are so many MBA graduates who live on the fact that they can always step back into the corporate world if their businesses fail. That’s certainly one option; but remember: your business will only give back to you when you give it your 100%.

Deciding a location, arranging the finances, there is just too much that is involved. So you really have to be committed, and focus all your time and energy onto it.

Your product is your top priority

Young entrepreneurs have a habit of deviating from the core, and paying attention to other secondary things. Whether you are right at the first stage or enjoying a blooming business, your product is and will always be your first priority. Come up with something that is new or is being done in an innovative way. Look for ways of improvement and ensure you are tackling the needs of your targeted audience.

So get going and good luck!