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The 4 businesses home makers never should do

Find out what 4 industries could be not so lucrative for home makers.

Working from home is on the rise these days, especially for home makers/stay at home moms. The benefits and flexibility offered by starting your own business from home are many but it also largely depends on what type of business you set out to start. Some business ideas or industries are not compatible with the background or experience you might have, so it might fail really quickly while others might be dying business trends. Here are 4 businesses that home makers should avoid starting:

  • Web Designing

Don’t get it wrong, web designing is amazing if you are a professional web designer and have worked at a company designing websites before. It is not a lucrative business if you have only taken a short course on it and are thinking on venturing on to the world of web designing. Web designing has evolved so much over the years and now you need to have a multiple skill set in order to get high paying clients.

Gone are the days when knowing a little HTML and some designing knowledge was the only thing that got web designers by. Now, there are so many new softwares and platforms people need to be skilled in such as CSS, SEO, WordPress etc. furthermore, due to the availability of user friendly platforms and softwares, many people design their own web pages and content. You need to be a very skilled and seasoned graphic designer in order to do it from home.


  • Travel agency

This industry is slowly taking a back seat as the internet is helping the people to make their travel decisions more and more these days. Now people don’t really bother going to a travel agency to make their vacation plans but instead log in to websites such as trip advisor, travel blogs and vlogs on YouTube and just make their itinerary. They get to find out the best rates for hotels, cheap flights and all the information they need online.


  • Daycare

Unless you are skilled and experienced in taking care of little children and babies, don’t start a daycare business. Nowadays people prefer to drop their kids at a proper daycare center than in somebody else’s home. You need to have extra help in taking care of the kids and looking after them. If something goes wrong and the child hurts him/herself due to any negligence than you could get sued as well.


  • Catering

Catering requires a lot of work and you are always bound to need some extra help. If you can’t meet the demands of the customers then that could result in a failing business. It also requires you to have a bigger kitchen area and is quite distressing if there are some family commitments or emergencies that you need to tend to.