Get an MBA, and then Start Your Business

MBA candidates no longer get a good job. As such, they should think about establishing their own company.

Hey MBA Student, are you done with your degree? What’s your plan now? We are sure shot that like so many other MBA graduates out there you will start dropping your resumes here and there. Well, behold! Because gone are the days when an MBA degree could get you hired with some of the best companies in town.

Today, thousands and thousands of MBA graduates are stepping out of colleges every year. Employers no longer consider this as a preferred qualification because nearly every potential candidate out there already has it on their resume. Point is, even with an MBA degree, you cannot set yourself apart from the rest of the applicants, and thus, will have to struggle a lot to get employed.

Is there an alternate way?

Yes, that’s the best part of it all. Why are you even thinking of finding a job when there are so many other options to consider? Did you ever think about establishing your own business? If not, now is the time! Entrepreneurship is a path chosen by a rare few, but these few are the most successful out there. Yes, you will have to struggle, you will have to give it your all, but when you look back you will be satisfied that you did, and be glad of the decision that you made.

Being an entrepreneur is indeed, hard work, but it is so rewarding, and hence, worth it. You learn, you grow, you use your skills. You do something new every day, and whatever you do is what you are passionate about it. And after all that hard work, when revenues start to flow in, you‘ll be content.

Your MBA degree will still not be wasted

Oh so you like the sound of entrepreneurship, but what about your MBA degree then? You think it will be totally wasted. No, you are wrong! You become a more successful entrepreneur if you have an MBA degree. Why? Because it teaches you so much that you can cash onto later on.

Your MBA degree teaches you the fundamental concepts of how businesses work and operate. You learn about planning, you gain knowledge about finances and you get to understand supply chain. As you may already know, there are so many aspects of running a company, and your MBA degree walks you through all of them. Plus, you have to solve case studies, which gives you an insight into how successful leaders work and manage and work. You can then apply this learning later on.

Not to forget that you get to network with a lot of people who may turn out to be your future partners and investors.

So what are my next steps?

Well for starters, finish off with your MBA degree if you already haven’t done so. Secondly, think of an absolutely amazing and promising idea. Work on it, find a mentor and then use their guidance to establish your own company. Good luck!