Choosing the entrepreneurship path

Women sure have come a far way in life when it comes to work and family. They really do live up to the multitasking stereotype. This of course is not to say that they don’t get tired or exhausted but they know what their priorities are and so they learn to manage their time well.  Men can do that too but since they hardly have ever been put into that position, it’s the women who are taking the lead in the multitasking game.

Enter the Momtrepreneur: a mother who starts her own business and works from home. A tigress to say the least.  There is a new wave of women entering the business world who are stay at homes and entrepreneurs at the same time. Having a child and a business to run is like raising 2 babies at the same time. That might seem daunting in the beginning, but it is fulfilling and satisfying at the same time.

Here are just some of the reasons why being an entrepreneur and a home maker can have so many benefits:


Your family can inspire you in more ways than you can imagine

There are many businesses being run by women that have been inspired by their family life especially their children. These are so helpful because they are made by women for women because women understand the needs of other women more than anyone else. For e.g. creating a baby’s clothing line which is comfortable for the baby but also quite convenient for the mothers to change their nappies,  environmentally friendly milk bottles , eco friendly diapers and toys , jewelry line for baby girls, children’s books etc. So pick up your baby or toddler, play with him/her and see how they inspire you.


A balance like no other

Let’s be honest here, the typical corporate life can be draining especially if you know that you have to go to a crying baby, but before that you have to endure the bad traffic on your way back home to exhaust and stress you out even more. Then you have to deal with your spouse who is equally tired from work as well. All this can suck the life out of you in the long run. But if you start your own business from home and take charge of your life. You don’t have to answer to any boss, deal with annoying coworkers and can take as many breaks as you want while being in your yoga pants all day. Pretty neat right?


The time of your life… literally

You will be saving so much time by working from home. You won’t have to spend hours in traffic to and from work every day, take multiple breaks, watch that soap, talk to a friend or neighbor, take a nap, spend time with your family, wake up whenever you want. You would literally live on your own terms. This will reduce stress levels and increase productivity. So what are you waiting for? Be an entrepreneur and explore the possibilities.