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5 Tools That Every Entrepreneur Should Have

A list of some of the most important tools to help you organize you work as an entrepreneur

Have you ever been overwhelmed with the numerous tasks that you have to juggle simultaneously?

Are you tired of running one man army, to set up your business?

Do you feel exhausted being a jack of all trades?

If your answer was ‘Yes’ to the questions above, then you should keep on reading. Below is the list of tools that can make your work significantly easier and manageable. The best part, you ask? These applications are FREE (or require minimal investment in some cases).


This is the most effective Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tool that an online entrepreneur can have. In this age of digital marketing, businesses compete to get a higher visibility on search engines and that is why SEO skills are a hot commodity in the market these days.

With Yoast you can transform your digital content into a lead generating tool. It keeps a record of your desired keywords and analyzes their strength by assigning a ‘SEO score’ to your online content.

It is a great tool if you are looking to generate traffic on your website through online content marketing.


Internet is flooding with the information, and what separates good content from the rest of it, is the quality of the content. Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook are all emerging as important players in streamlining the customers to your site. But what persuades a potential customer to click on your link? It is observed that people react to visuals more than the written content. Canva helps you in designing engaging visuals and thumbnails for your social media sites.

It is extremely user-friendly graphic designing software and anyone, even without prior knowledge of graphic designing, can use it.


There is no specific hour to get inspired. Most amazing ideas are born in the most unlikely places and for this very reason you should develop the habit of note keeping. It is highly likely, that with hundred other things going in your mind, you will forget about the little, but potential, detail.

Evernote is the best organization tool that helps you store and brainstorm your ideas. Like most of the digital applications, it is compatible on various devices so that your most amazing ideas are always at your disposal.

Survey Monkey

Customer feedback is imperative for any business and surveys are great way to record that data. However, creating an engaging survey and manually collecting the response can be a really daunting task. SurveyMonkey is extremely user-friendly software that creates surveys and records responses in real time. An added advantage is that, you can also analyze the results via the software.


As an entrepreneur, you have to do most of the work by yourself. But there are certain things that require special skills and are better left for an expert to handle, for example designing a website, creating a mobile application for your business etc. The best option for you to deal with such situations is to hire freelance help. This option is cost-efficient as well as time efficient. Fiverr is one such platform where you can hire freelance help.