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5 Tips for Homemaker Women to run their own Business

Congratulations for finally joining the not so new but slowly growing wave of women who are choosing to work from home.  You have got all the tools you need, a business plan, support from your family and determination. But here are some tips that you will need in order to thrive in your new working from home journey:

Manage your time

Leaving the office life behind doesn’t mean you completely disregard your time and not manage your time. The best thing about working from home is that it saves your time and gives you so much more to do. It offers you the flexibility that you didn’t previously get in managing your life. no more traffic to deal with, no more rushing and waking up early and getting dressed, no more ironing clothes for the next work day etc. that’s all fine and dandy but don’t abuse this new opportunity to be productive by taking too many breaks, talking to friend son the phone for long periods of time or watching  TV shows.

You need to make a schedule of your work timing and stick to it like glue. A smaller but undisturbed work time is much better than long working one full of many breaks and distractions.

Don’t overwork

Never over work yourself because this is the reasons why many women become burnt out in the earlier stages of working from home running a business form home.  Just work at your own pace and be relaxed. You have nowhere to go because you are already at home, no traffic to worry about or to pick up kids from daycare. Women think that just because they are working from home, they have to overcompensate it by working too much. This is actually very counterproductive.

Don’t wear pajamas all day

The idea of wearing whatever you want when you are working from home is a great one but it might not necessarily be productive. It’s great that you don’t have to wear formal clothes that you did at the office. But staying in pajamas all day will give a feeling of leisure and comfort, the mind is going to associate it with sleep and soon you will be taking naps on the sofa or taking too many breaks. Just wear casual clothing that you would wear everyday at home.

Take meaningful breaks

It’s totally up to you how many breaks work for you but when you do make sure they don’t waste your time. Your breaks should include you getting out for some fresh air, a siesta, lunch, calling parents/spouse, reading, listening to music, spending time with your kids etc. leave the comedy re-runs for the evening with your spouse.

Make to-do lists

It’s always great to prioritize your work and making lists for the next day/week/month. It saves you time and de-clutters your mind and it will make multitasking so much easier for you.