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4 fields home makers can succeed in

Learn how you can start your own business from home.

Working from home is the perfect mix of best of both worlds. You get to spend time with your family more and also make money from the comfort of your own home. There are many perks of working from home such as saving up on gas money because you won’t have to drive to work, no more babysitting charges to worry about, and also no getting dressed for work. There are many industries that can fit a home maker because almost every job that is out there, chances are there is an online version of it too (except for doctors, mechanics etc.)

Here are the 4 industries any home maker can get into:

Web content writing

This is one of the easiest jobs out there, provided you can write well. If you have the gift of the written word then this is your kind of work. You will be given projects and assignments by various clients asking to write about topics, products and basically anything under the sun. This line of work requires a lot of research so you will be browsing the web often to write for people. Just make sure you don’t copy and paste anything in your written work because clients will run through your work on software that checks for plagiarism.

Virtual assistant/Customer service

These days almost every small business owner requires someone who can handle their customers online. If you don’t have a landline, then we suggest you get one. If you have customer service experience then this is perfect for you. Similarly if you have prior marketing and administrative work experience you can be the virtual assistant on a business owner’s website and answer any queries anyone might have.


You can offer your tutoring services both online and in real time. If you have teaching experience or are an expert in a certain subject such as math/science or are fluent in another language such as French, Spanish, Italian etc then you can avail this opportunity and advertise your services to each. There is always going to be someone willing to take your tutoring services. You can easily find clients overseas who will be willing to be personally tutored by a native English speaker from abroad. They will be more likely to pay you your desired price as long as it is not exorbitantly high. There is an entire market for English language teachers online so just do a little research of the prices you can set.


If you love children and have an experience handle them easily then this is the industry you can thrive in. However, there are certain regulations that you will need to follow so you have to check your local state laws. A daycare always requires a license and has certain restrictions, once you have cleared that you are on your way to a lucrative business.