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3 Most Favorite Innovative Startups

A list of my favorite innovative startups that have changed the world we live in.

This list is for you if you are looking for some inspiration for an innovative business idea or just want to stay updated with the latest market trends. Here we round up 3 of the most innovative business startups, which have emerged in the last couple of years, and have completely transformed the world we live in.


Dwolla is a fintech startup founded by Ben Milne. It is determined to change the way we make our payments. It has taken the concept of mobile payments to the next level. Apparently its concept design and business model looks similar to PayPal and other mobile payment transferring options. But the major difference is that Dwolla makes payments directly from the bank accounts and is avoiding payment transfers through credit cards, which means that users will not have to incur the high fees associated with the credit card transactions. Dwolla charges a minimal fee of 25 cents on each transaction, which makes it increasingly affordable for everyone. In addition to that, since Dwolla doesn’t use credit cards it implies that people will only be able to spend the amount they actually have in their accounts. Now some people might see this as a restriction, but I see it as blessing in disguise. By using no credit card policy the application is actually helping us to manage our finances.


Skillshare, founded by Michael Karnjanaprokor and Malcom Ong, brings innovation to the education sector. This New York based startup aims to turn everyone with knowledge and expertise into a teacher and everyone with a desire to learn into a student. The basic idea behind Skillshare’s concept is that the world is evolving at a rapid pace, which implies that what might stand true for current times might not be true few years or even few months down the line. Therefore, Karnjanaprokorn and Ong felt the need for a platform to combat outdated and irrelevant information.


Kickstarter works as a blessing for potential but small business ideas. It has made the search for investors really easy and efficient. It is also a New York based startup and is founded by Perry Chen, Yancey Strickler and Charles Adler. The model of Kickstarter is based on the concept of crowdfunding. So basically your target audience and consumers decide whether your product is worth the investment or not. Kickstarter charges 5% of the total funds raised as the fee and is backed by the users from various countries including US, UK, Australia, Canada, Spain etc.

These are some of our most favorite innovative startups. Do let me know about your favorite startups in the comments below.