10 Social Media Posts – Inspiring College Students on Innovation and Entrepreneurship Part 2

Post 11

An MBA degree will do more than just land you a job which might not be as good as you want it to be. It can open doors for you that others might not even know of. Ever thought of opening your own business? Here are some more things you do with it.

Post 12:

Want to apply for an MBA degree but not sure where to start? The first thing you need to do is look up a relevant college, then follow it up by ensuring your application and essay are on the mark and then end it by making sure neither has any errors in it. Click here for more.

Post 13:

More than 60% of MBA grads want to start their own business right out of college, but it really isn’t that simple at all. On the other hand, it is not impossible either and the hard work required is well worth the rewards you can reap. Click here to find out more.

Post 14:

Even though an MBA is still an extremely valuable degree, do you really think you learn everything you need to know to remain on track career wise? This is rarely the case with most colleges that offer it anyway resulting in grads that are ill equipped for real world business tactics. Read up on this here.

Post 15:

Once you get your MBA degree, the worst thing you can do is start looking for a job immediately. There are a ton of options out there that are way better for you financially and starting a business of your own is one of them. Find out which ones you can use here.

Post 16:

Once you are done getting your Masters in Business degree what do you think should be your next course of action? Do you want to work for someone else right out of the gate or do you want to make something of yourself first? Here is why the second option is the best one.

Post 17:

The job market is saturated with fresh grads with an MBA in their pocket and nothing to show for it but someone else’s money. Do you want to join that crowd or stand out by striking out on your own? Here are a couple of reasons why getting a job after getting this degree is a bad move.

Post 18:

A business degree does equips graduated with skills that can not only aid them in the job market, but also make them entrepreneurs. There are a ton of examples of people who did just that with those skills. Read up on a couple of prominent ones right here.

Post 19:

You did not get that business degree just to work your butt off so that someone else can get rich. Even if the best companies start banging on your door to offer you one, a job will not do your hard work justice. Here are a number of things you can do instead.

Post 20:

That piece of paper is more than just a MBA degree – it is your chance to make something of yourself and what better way to do that than by starting your own business? You have the skills and dedication to do so. Here are some services you can expand on.