MBA Mistakes to Avoid

Are you interested in applying for an MBA degree? Well, you can be successful if you avoid mistakes with you application, essay and when choosing schools

So you want to get an MBA degree. Well, the competition is definitely tough out there, especially if you want to secure a spot in one of the top business schools. Your GMAT scores, profile, volunteer experience and extra-curricular activities all matter, but there is a lot more which is involved if you want your application to be successful.

So how can you get attention? How can you be sure that you are the one selected among the long list of candidates? For starters, you can be sure that your application is flawless. Your essay should be well up to the mark, and most importantly, you should wisely choose a business school. Here are the three most common mistakes most MBAs make.

1. Choosing the wrong MBA School

There are so many potential MBA students who end up choosing the wrong schools for themselves. Colleges which charge more are not always the best. Plus, whichever college you choose, it should be the right fit for you. Consider all colleges that may accept your score. Apply to these colleges as well to those known for selecting candidates with a higher score than yours; you may have some extra qualities that might help you get in.

So try to select some few good schools, and then apply. Also don’t just blandly sign the forms when you get your first admission offer. Wait a while because you may be selected for a better school as well.

2. Not ensuring your essay is up to the mark

Your MBA essay is one of the best ways to stand out from the crowd, and tell the admission committee why they should particularly select you, and not anyone else. Your score might not be so good, but with a solid essay, chances are still there.

When writing the essay, make sure you do not neglect the question or get off the track. Doing so will make you look like you are a poor fit. Be careful of the language which you use. Industry jargons and hi-fi terms don’t always give a good impression. Write in simple terms, but sound convincing. And throughout, make sure you are mentioning the truth only. Admission committees are often capable of pinpointing lies.

3. Not ascertaining that your application is error-free

Before you fill up your application form, come up with a solid career vision for yourself. Don’t think that you will get to explore options after enrolment. You should know what you want done right from the start. So prepare a vision for yourself, and then make sure your application is conveying the same well enough.

Which extracurricular activities do you want to put on the form? Many MBA students think that only giving back to the community is enough, and that is what the admission committee wants to see. Not the complete truth. The admission committee also wants to assess your leadership skills, so highlight that as well.

Avoid the above mistakes, and you should get into a good MBA school.