Starting your own business is scary yet exciting, especially as a home maker when you have to do multiple jobs at the same time. As if being a wife and mother isn’t demanding enough, a business is a baby itself that needs to be constantly taken care of. Nevertheless, the satisfaction that comes from having one’s business is truly amazing and personally rewarding. In order to start running your business and entrepreneurship endeavors seamlessly, here are the 3 things home makers must possess:


Confidence and the right attitude

This is the most important trait any home maker who is trying to become an entrepreneur must possess. You need to have the confidence in your abilities and self assurance that whatever you set out to do is possible. People can sense an under confident person within a second so you don’t want to give an impression to your prospective clients and business partners that you can’t manage to run your own business. If they sense that, then they will steer clear form you as quick as they can. Let’s face it, at the end of the day we only trust professionals who know how to do their job. Even at the checkout counter, people avoid queuing up at the line where there is a newbie who is slow.


Having the right is attitude is the other side of the same coin because it goes hand in hand with confidence. You need to have a positive outlook on life and be patient. Business doesn’t start rolling in immediately, it takes time to build a customer base, so slow and steady wins the race.


Time management skills

So now that you will be managing your business, you need to work the schedule of your work hours. Whether you are going to be working from home or from an office, since you are the boss you can start and end work whenever you like. However, poor time management can make or break your business. Starting work too late or taking too many breaks during work can reduce productivity. If you have employees then they can also follow suit with your poor time management habits and become lazy. The flipside of this is overworking yourself to exhaustion. This is counterproductive and can make you burn out and tired from your work sooner than you expect. Have a balanced workload and work time so that everything runs smoothly.


Being realistic

Setting realistic goals is they for any new entrepreneur. Don’t have really high goals that might become impossible to achieve. This will set the tone of failure right from the beginning. Often new business owners experience failure mainly because of the fact that they didn’t set realistic and small goals. Your goals should be small but achievable. Taking baby steps will protect you from any big failures and make you learn more.

Read on to know which businesses are not a good idea for women trying to work from home.

As there is a new wave of female entrepreneurs in the business industry, there is also sub category of women who are running their businesses from home and prefer it that way. With all the benefits by working from home who would want to pass on that opportunity?

There is almost every industry to choose from and successfully run that business form home. As long as you have the skills, knowledge and the expertise, success will come flying your way in no time, all you need is patience and perseverance. However, there are certain businesses that cannot be done properly from the comfort of your own home. Some businesses are not legally allowed to be run from home or even if they are, they usually tend to get unmanageable if there is business growth and you need to hire more people. That is when a proper office space is required. Here are 3 business home maker women should avoid:

Spa/Wellness center

It sounds like a cool idea to turn a portion of one’s living space into a spa. It is indeed a lucrative business especially these days when everyone is health and beauty conscious. However, you need to be a licensed aesthetician and have few hundred hours (it varies from state to state) of experience under your belt. Plus there are certain renovations you will need to make in your home to qualify the place to be a spa according to the industry standards. You will have to ensure the place is absolutely hygienic and is designed in a professional way. This business will need some hefty amount of investment and maintenance and so it’s generally not advisable.


Pet sitting

This is a tricky line of work. Although many people are doing it and it is very profitable but we wouldn’t suggest this if you are new to pets and can’t handle many animals in your home at the same time. If you have expensive interiors or if you or somebody at home suffers from fur allergies then this is the worst kind of job out there for you. You won’t want dogs to be chewing the corners of your expensive leather sofa or cats scratching curtain and shedding their fur all over your place.

Selling jewellery

If you are thinking about starting a jewellery business form home then do it the right way or don’t do it all. If you are designing and selling jewellery online then by all means go ahead. But if you are selling jewellery in your home where people come to see it firsthand then it is not advisable. You never know when people can shoplift just by a quick glance or distraction somewhere else. Also, knowing that you have expensive jewelry at home, there could be chances of thefts and burglary in your home. You would have to invest in high end security cameras, alarm systems and what not to protect yourself and your family from jewellery thieves.


So you are thinking about starting business but are not sure which sector to start in. Here’s a roundup of top performing sectors, which exhibit a significant growth potential in 2017.

Mindfulness Training

In the recent years, the stigma attached to mental health has started to dissolve. In fact, companies now realize that employees’ performance is directly linked to their mental health. Therefore, they are investing more in providing mindfulness and meditation trainings to their employees. It improves their abilities to cope up with stress and increase their productivity. The mindfulness training industry is measured to be worth approximately $1.1 billion in United States.

Computer Analytics

Application of artificial intelligence in developing interactive software is in high demand these days. The technology can be used in a number of diversified sectors from creating the software of automated cars and drones to creating the interface for interactive games. The industry provides lucrative opportunities for growth and the funding in the sector has reached approximately $522 million globally. However, the entry cost, in the computer vision sector market, is very high. It requires a comprehensive understanding and relevant technical skills to thrive in the market.

Beverage Industry

Beverage industry in United States is undergoing a transformational shift due to the change in the preferences of the consumers. For the past decade, an upward trend was observed in the sales of the energy drinks. However, the trend is falling gradually in the recent years, with the introduction of Relaxation Drinks. The health benefits of these drinks have persuaded millennials to make the switch. In addition to that, another major shift observed, in the beverage industry, is the shift from frozen drinks to ready-to-drink coffees and teas. The market possesses a lot of potential for companies with the relevant gourmet skills set.

Mobile Heath

With the increase in the concern for the physical fitness, the demand for Mobile Health systems has significantly increased. Smart watches and Health applications have become a hot commodity and people need all the health related information on their phone screens. It is estimated that the global health market will capture a share of approximately $10 billion by 2018. The statistics and surveys reveal a promising career in the field. But the downside to entering the industry is that the entrants have to be cautious about not violating HIPAA.

Eco-Friendly Construction Projects

Sustainable projects are given more importance as people are becoming increasingly responsible towards the environment. Green Construction promotes the designs which are energy-efficient and sustainable. A major plus point to start in this industry is that, the sector is given extra support and protection from government, in terms of tax credits and subsidies. The company has displayed an annual growth of approximately 15 percent in the last couple of years.


Female entrepreneurs are taking the business world by storm by launching and creating many business ventures. There has been a rise of women finally hopping the business train by the dozens and they are not going to stop. What is making women choose to leave their corporate world life style for the risky world of entrepreneurship?  Here are just some of the reasons:

Work- life balance

It’s hard for to manage the family and work due to the high demands of the office life. There are deadlines to meet, office politics to steer clear from, pressure from the bosses, micro managing the subordinates and coming home to micromanaging the household.  They don’t get to enjoy life much and need a break from it all. But they don’t want to leave their work life behind completely either. The gray area has been found and that is being an entrepreneur and working at your own business. This way, they can manage their times and create a balance that was not available before.

Being their own boss

Being one’s own boss is the greatest feeling. A person feels accomplished and motivated to do better. Women entrepreneurs don’t have to deal with annoying coworkers or highly demanding bosses that exhaust them out day in day out. They can run their own business without having to report to anybody do things their own way.

Pursuing passions

Entrepreneurship is all about pursuing your own passion and doing things like no other can. Women can finally start the business of their dreams and be successful at it. There are many examples of women who started their business from the comfort of their own home and then after a few years it grew to a proper business empire.

Save money

By doing business from home and being entrepreneur, women can save so much money. About half the money which they earned from their salary used to go to daycare or babysitters, but if they work from home they can cut back on all these expenses and add extra savings to their account. Commuting to and from work will save a lot of gas money as well and that compounds to a hefty amount in the long run.


With no more pressure from work, women tend to get stress free. They can have multiple breaks while working from home and as an entrepreneur. They can set out time for exercise/gym/yoga or go to the spa or salon to feel more relaxed. A daily walk in the park with the kids can add a lot of health benefits as well. Women can have more time to focus on their health and beauty as opposed to their previous hectic work life.

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This is a list of five entrepreneurial businesses that an MBA graduate could pursue after graduating.

After graduating with an MBA degree, the opportunities for securing a good job offer from a reputable company might seem limitless. However, is getting a good job the only way forward for an MBA graduate?  Definitely NOT! Why use your talents to make someone else rich when you can use them to earn tons of money for yourself.

Entrepreneurship is the key to being your own boss and paving the way for building your own business empire.  Here are some of the things you can do after getting that hard earned MBA degree:

Freelance Writing Services

Many companies are seeking freelance writers to produce quality content for their websites and promotional campaigns. Creating a company that provides quality freelance writing services is an easy way for a skilled MBA graduate to step into the world of entrepreneurship in a cost effective way.

Business Consulting Service

Help other organizations solve their financial and business related problems by starting your very own business consulting service. You can put your MBA degree to good use by teaming up with companies to helping them manage their business strategies, develop better business models, and create marketing plans which would enable them to enhance their growth.

Educational Services

Education is a noble field which allows one to reach out to others and help them grow in their careers. Starting an educational institution would not only be one way of putting your degree to good use, but it would be an ideal way to help others in their quest for knowledge. It might not be as financially rewarding as some of the other entrepreneurial pursuits, but it certainly is an excellent way to achieve self-satisfaction by educating others.

Event Planner

An MBA degree holder with excellent management skills and an analytical way of thinking could also consider diving into the field of event planning. As an event planner, you would be organizing meetings and various types of events. It’s a very profitable field with lots of room for growth and development.

Financial Advising

A financial advisory business seeks to help other organizations with problems related to taxes and insurance. A financial advisor is also responsible for helping individuals and companies in making smart investment decisions. Many professionals hailing from different fields require finance related counseling from time to time and as a financial advisor, you would be there to help them out in their financial endeavors.

Read on to know why women in the world are taking the work- from- home route.

So you have finally decided to work from home and ditch the office life for a much better work life balance route.   But you don’t know what tools you need. Well you have come to the right place as we tell you the essentials you need while working from home.



Just because you have left the office in a tall concrete building doesn’t mean you will be completely rid of an office if you are going to be working from home. You will definitely need an organized and peaceful workspace in your home to be set up so that you can work properly and productively. A place where you can work without being disturbed by the kids, spouse or pets. This area doesn’t have to be a big room but just big enough to have your desk, gadgets (computer, printer, scanner etc). Many companies that hire people who work from home expect that you have a decent place where you can easily and seamlessly do the work. If you are talking with a client (if you’re running your own business) or boss (if you are hired by company to work remotely) you wouldn’t the kettle screaming, the baby crying or the dog barking in the background. It looks unprofessional and sets a bad image.



You need to have a high quality and fast internet service. It is very important because you will be constantly checking emails, downloading files, streaming videos to talking to people online. Internet is a work-from-home person’s most important tool. There is no business that doesn’t require internet.


A phone line

Whether you are an entrepreneur or working remotely for a company, a decent phone line is important. It has to be different from the one you have for your residence because you would want to keep work and personal calls separate. This phone line should be set up in the office or work area you have set up so that whenever the phone rings,  you know which call is for work and which is personal. This is also convenient if the internet is not working you have at least an actual number where people can contact you.



It is totally your call whether you want to have a laptop or a desktop but many serious remote worker or entrepreneurs prefer having a desktop set up in their home office. This is because laptops can be taken anywhere, and this causes someone to casually take their work to other areas of the house such as the sofa or the bed, this creates chances for reduced productivity. Desktop will make you stay in the office space. You need a computer to do all your business from so that goes without saying how important that is.


Other gadgets

Depending on the line of work and the workload you have, you will be required to have some electronic items in your office such as printer and scanner. You will also need a Smartphone where you can check your emails and receive calls if you are out somewhere.

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If you are an MBA graduate who has just stepped out of college, you should be thinking about entrepreneurship as the next move.

Are you a recent MBA graduate and thinking about what you should do next? What have you decided? Follow the crowd and get employed or break the barriers, and launch your own business.

We think you should go with the latter option, and your MBA degree will highly benefit you along the journey.  Oh, so you think that it’ll help you on your job too? You are wrong, and here is why.

Not paid enough

We’re sure that you think that your degree is the ticket to earning big money, just like the rest of MBA students. You think wrong; even with an MBA degree, your job still limits the amounts you can earn. Whether you put in too much efforts one day or too little the next, you’ll still get the same pay check that you do every time at the end of the month.

Not doing what you love

When on a job, there is very little chance that you will be actually doing what you love. Plus, most of the jobs out there are pretty monotonous, and you are bound to stagnate after some time.  With entrepreneurship, you do what you love, and you can try out something new every day. So one day, you’ll be planning out your product, after some time you’ll be marketing it, and then you’ll be selling it as well.  Thus, you are involved in literally all the aspects and learn so much.

Constantly answering to someone

If you decide to work for a company after acquiring your MBA degree, you will be reporting to someone. For all that you do, you’ll have to answer in the end. With entrepreneurship, you are your own boss. You do what you like and how you want. And no one can tell you anything.

Following your own routines

When employed, you have to follow a certain routine, and so every day will seem typical. However, if you setup your own business, your next day will be different from the previous one. You won’t get bored doing the same thing over and over again, because you won’t be doing the same thing at all.

Limiting your creativity

Employed individuals usually have to follow the already designed processes. And in many cases, there is slay little or no room to flex them. This limits your creativity, preventing you from unleashing your full potential. However, when you are your own boss, you can simply try out any great idea that you come up with. If you succeed, you can integrate it in your processes, and if you fail, you can just use it as a learning experience.

And it’s all going to end

If you climb the highest ranks possible during your job, it will all end the day you retire. And then you’ll have to rely on your savings mostly. Set up your own business, and you can forget about retirement altogether.


Do you now agree with us? What’s your next step forwards? Trust us, your MBA is going to be so muchg more useful if you become a business owner.


Have you left your office job for taking care of your kids? Do you at times feel like you are missing out on life especially when it comes to your career? But you also don’t want to leave the responsibilities as a mother.

Well, not everything has to be black and white – because there is a gray area.

That sweet spot has been discovered quite a while ago but recently many women have started opting for it: working from home. It’s a great way to earn money from the comfort of your own home while being there for your family. It’s a win-win situation for everybody. No longer will you have to blame motherhood for your unemployment. Here are some of the reasons why you can get back in your career by working from home.

Brings in the money

Just because you are staying at home and not going to an office doesn’t mean you can stay with a dwindling bank account. You can earn a stable income online if you work from home. All you have to do is to do some research and you will find tons of options available for you. You can start your own business from home or you can apply for jobs that you can do online.  This income can be used for so many other expenses because your spouse won’t be burdened either. The additional expenses that come after giving birth such as diapers, milk, baby accessories and toys, etc can all be covered with you working from home.



Imagine if you were working at an office while still having a toddler to worry about at home. How stressful would that be? Sure you will have a baby sitter or nanny to take care of it but you will miss out on your baby’s precious moments like the first word. If you are working from home it will save you from a lot of stress as your baby will right in front of you sleeping in the next room and you can go see him/her whenever you want and however many times a day you want to. You can breastfeed your baby without any obstacles and in the comfort of your home as well. Research shows that nursing your child creates a calming effect due to the hormone oxytocin released while nursing.



Motherhood is something that can never be replaced or substituted but you can have other areas of your life that you can balance it with such as working from home. You will feel really accomplished by knowing that you can raise your kids and grow your career side by side. Plus, after the kids have grown up, you won’t have the void due to the big gap in unemployment over the years.

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There are many problems in our society that only women have to face – to the point where men often don’t even know these problems exist, even though millions of women have been going through them. While things aren’t still perfect by any measure for women when it comes to work, they are better right now then they have ever been. We have a long way to go but we, as a society, have never been more accepting and accommodating to working women at any point in history.

However, while society isn’t progressing as fast as it should, technology and the economy are. This is the perfect time for women to start businesses not because sexism and discrimination is over, but because the market and technology available right now makes it easier than ever before.

Decreasing need to choose between a career and family

One of the biggest revelations that have happened in the previous few years is the effect the ‘work from home’ culture has had. Previously many women had to choose between raising a family and working on their career. This was somewhat mitigated by some companies offering daycare, but most companies didn’t offer anything like that.

However, technology now allows women not just to work from home, but start businesses from home too. Many successful entrepreneurs who are millionaires these days were once homemakers. They started out with a blog and selling items to enthusiasts. Sure, you may not become a millionaire, but you will be surprised at how successful you can become as long as you sells something people are interested in.

Digital Stores and Marketing

We cannot possible overstate how big digital stores and marketing have been for women. If you are a homemaker and want to start a business, instead of opening a bakery or a restaurant (which are very high risk businesses) try opening a small digital store instead. It takes only a bit of money so it is very affordable. It is also a great way to get your feet wet if you aren’t sure about diving in to the world of business. It is perfectly normal to have fears about running a business when you have never done it before, but the very low investment cost required by a digital store will go a long way towards mitigating risks and fears.

Consumers moving away from corporations

There has been a huge societal shift and people no longer like buying products from big brand names. It is now considered much better, especially by younger people, to buy things that are local. The focus now is on discovering things and telling other people about it. This is a fantastic thing for new businesses. When you start selling things, instead of worrying that people don’t know you, the fact that people don’t know you can become your strength.

There is a whole world full of opportunities out there. The opportunities have always existed, but now they can be availed without even needing to leave your home. If you want to start something of your own, do it now.

Read on to know why we need more female power in the world of entrepreneurship.

Ladies, if you always wanted to start your own business and work the way you want to, then now is the best era for you to do so. Thanks to technology, working from home and launching your own business has never been easier. If you are still not sure if being an entrepreneur is for you then here are 5 reasons that can help you decide:

Working on your own terms

This is one of the main reasons and also the best one when it comes to being an entrepreneur. The daily drill of the corporate lifestyle can become exhausting. With deadlines to meet, rushing to and back from work, missing out on family time can all leave someone feel miserable.  When you become an entrepreneur, you set your own terms, timings and work load. You no longer have to deal with pressure that the office brings and work at your own pace. You are your own boss and you have to answer to any one in charge of you.

An opportunity to create

Being an entrepreneur might seem risky and daunting at first, but once you are settled in this lifestyle, it will give you heaps of opportunities to create and build your own business. Building your own empire and business brings a truly satisfying feeling. You learn your strengthens and discover new abilities that you never thought you had before.  It gives a sense of personal pride and accomplishment that you have come this far in life. Many women who have built large business empires first started out as small entrepreneurs and who knows you could be one of them someday.


It requires no special credentials

You don’t have to be a graduate from a top tier business school to be a good entrepreneur; in fact you don’t even have to be a college grad to start your own business. This is not to say by any means that you shouldn’t get an education, but sometimes you learn more by doing something practically rather than sitting in a classroom and collecting student debt. There are many examples of women who never went to college yet have businesses running successfully. You can be from any background or experience and still run a good business.


Understanding the needs of women

Only women can understand the needs of women. There have been many businesses that have started by women for women. There is a gap in the market for many things that companies in general don’t focus on, you can focus on what women need and start a business. For e.g., the owner of the famous brand Spanx, Sarah Blakely became the youngest billionaire by starting her own business of special pants and leggings.

The pay scale

You won’t have to compete with the salary of men or through the gender wage gap problem once you start your own business. You will be paid according to your own terms without having to battle out wage issues with the company administration.


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Mistake #01: Not having a plan

If you don’ have a plan then you fall into a category called as ‘Accidental Entrepreneurs’. The only problem with the entrepreneurs staring of from here is that their success might be accidental but their failure will not come as a surprise.

Mistake #02: Looking for shortcuts

There are no shortcuts when you are trying to establish a brand name. It takes a lot of hard work, patience and persistence. And the amount of time and effort you are willing to put into your business depends on how passionate you are about it.

Mistake #03: Investing way more than its required

Common misconception new entrepreneurs have is that the success of the business is directly proportional to the amount of money they invest in it. And because of this the end up investing a lot more then it is required, in the beginning. Many successful businesses had a humble start and managing your finances from day 1 can steer you clear of any future debts.

Mistake #04: Doing things randomly

You can’t make random decisions and hope that things will fall in place at the end. Every decision you take, about your business, should align with your long term goal. If things don’t add up in the beginning, it’s ok! As long as you know why you are taking a certain decision and how will it benefit your business down the road.

Mistake #05: Resistant to change

Sure, persistence is required in setting up a business but at the same time you should not be resistant to change. One of the best advices I was ever given was, ‘to not stick to a mistake because you spent a long time making it.’ Observe which strategies are working for you and which aren’t and then be proactive in changing the ones that aren’t.

Mistake #06: Trying to become a Jack of all trades

If you are trying to do everything at once, there is a high probability of messing things up. Instead focus on the things you are good at and do them perfectly. As Jack Dorsey, Co-founder of Twitter puts it, “Make every detail perfect, but most importantly, limit the details to perfect”.

Mistake #07: Having a competitor-based approach

If you have a competitor based approach then you’re going to operate out of a place of fear. Fear of losing to your competitor. You should opt for a customer-based approach instead, because at the end of the day it is your customers who are helping your business grow. Therefore, you should be aware about their needs and requirements first.

Mistake #08: Equating web traffic with success

This point is particularly true for online business ventures. Creating traffic on your site should be an intermediate step and not the end goal. The end goal should be to make the sale because that is what is going to get you revenues, not the page views.


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Mistake #01: Not having a plan

If you don’ have a plan then you fall into a category called as ‘Accidental Entrepreneurs’. The only problem with the entrepreneurs staring of from here is that their success might be accidental but their failure will not come as a surprise.

Mistake #02: Looking for shortcuts

There are no shortcuts when you are trying to establish a brand name. It takes a lot of hard work, patience and persistence. And the amount of time and effort you are willing to put into your business depends on how passionate you are about it.

Mistake #03: Investing way more than its required

Common misconception new entrepreneurs have is that the success of the business is directly proportional to the amount of money they invest in it. And because of this the end up investing a lot more then it is required, in the beginning. Many successful businesses had a humble start and managing your finances from day 1 can steer you clear of any future debts.

Mistake #04: Doing things randomly

You can’t make random decisions and hope that things will fall in place at the end. Every decision you take, about your business, should align with your long term goal. If things don’t add up in the beginning, it’s ok! As long as you know why you are taking a certain decision and how will it benefit your business down the road.

Mistake #05: Resistant to change

Sure, persistence is required in setting up a business but at the same time you should not be resistant to change. One of the best advices I was ever given was, ‘to not stick to a mistake because you spent a long time making it.’ Observe which strategies are working for you and which aren’t and then be proactive in changing the ones that aren’t.

Mistake #06: Trying to become a Jack of all trades

If you are trying to do everything at once, there is a high probability of messing things up. Instead focus on the things you are good at and do them perfectly. As Jack Dorsey, Co-founder of Twitter puts it, “Make every detail perfect, but most importantly, limit the details to perfect”.

Mistake #07: Having a competitor-based approach

If you have a competitor based approach then you’re going to operate out of a place of fear. Fear of losing to your competitor. You should opt for a customer-based approach instead, because at the end of the day it is your customers who are helping your business grow. Therefore, you should be aware about their needs and requirements first.

Mistake #08: Equating web traffic with success

This point is particularly true for online business ventures. Creating traffic on your site should be an intermediate step and not the end goal. The end goal should be to make the sale because that is what is going to get you revenues, not the page views.


Have you ever been overwhelmed with the numerous tasks that you have to juggle simultaneously?

Are you tired of running one man army, to set up your business?

Do you feel exhausted being a jack of all trades?

If your answer was ‘Yes’ to the questions above, then you should keep on reading. Below is the list of tools that can make your work significantly easier and manageable. The best part, you ask? These applications are FREE (or require minimal investment in some cases).


This is the most effective Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tool that an online entrepreneur can have. In this age of digital marketing, businesses compete to get a higher visibility on search engines and that is why SEO skills are a hot commodity in the market these days.

With Yoast you can transform your digital content into a lead generating tool. It keeps a record of your desired keywords and analyzes their strength by assigning a ‘SEO score’ to your online content.

It is a great tool if you are looking to generate traffic on your website through online content marketing.


Internet is flooding with the information, and what separates good content from the rest of it, is the quality of the content. Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook are all emerging as important players in streamlining the customers to your site. But what persuades a potential customer to click on your link? It is observed that people react to visuals more than the written content. Canva helps you in designing engaging visuals and thumbnails for your social media sites.

It is extremely user-friendly graphic designing software and anyone, even without prior knowledge of graphic designing, can use it.


There is no specific hour to get inspired. Most amazing ideas are born in the most unlikely places and for this very reason you should develop the habit of note keeping. It is highly likely, that with hundred other things going in your mind, you will forget about the little, but potential, detail.

Evernote is the best organization tool that helps you store and brainstorm your ideas. Like most of the digital applications, it is compatible on various devices so that your most amazing ideas are always at your disposal.

Survey Monkey

Customer feedback is imperative for any business and surveys are great way to record that data. However, creating an engaging survey and manually collecting the response can be a really daunting task. SurveyMonkey is extremely user-friendly software that creates surveys and records responses in real time. An added advantage is that, you can also analyze the results via the software.


As an entrepreneur, you have to do most of the work by yourself. But there are certain things that require special skills and are better left for an expert to handle, for example designing a website, creating a mobile application for your business etc. The best option for you to deal with such situations is to hire freelance help. This option is cost-efficient as well as time efficient. Fiverr is one such platform where you can hire freelance help.


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Congratulations for finally joining the not so new but slowly growing wave of women who are choosing to work from home.  You have got all the tools you need, a business plan, support from your family and determination. But here are some tips that you will need in order to thrive in your new working from home journey:

Manage your time

Leaving the office life behind doesn’t mean you completely disregard your time and not manage your time. The best thing about working from home is that it saves your time and gives you so much more to do. It offers you the flexibility that you didn’t previously get in managing your life. no more traffic to deal with, no more rushing and waking up early and getting dressed, no more ironing clothes for the next work day etc. that’s all fine and dandy but don’t abuse this new opportunity to be productive by taking too many breaks, talking to friend son the phone for long periods of time or watching  TV shows.

You need to make a schedule of your work timing and stick to it like glue. A smaller but undisturbed work time is much better than long working one full of many breaks and distractions.

Don’t overwork

Never over work yourself because this is the reasons why many women become burnt out in the earlier stages of working from home running a business form home.  Just work at your own pace and be relaxed. You have nowhere to go because you are already at home, no traffic to worry about or to pick up kids from daycare. Women think that just because they are working from home, they have to overcompensate it by working too much. This is actually very counterproductive.

Don’t wear pajamas all day

The idea of wearing whatever you want when you are working from home is a great one but it might not necessarily be productive. It’s great that you don’t have to wear formal clothes that you did at the office. But staying in pajamas all day will give a feeling of leisure and comfort, the mind is going to associate it with sleep and soon you will be taking naps on the sofa or taking too many breaks. Just wear casual clothing that you would wear everyday at home.

Take meaningful breaks

It’s totally up to you how many breaks work for you but when you do make sure they don’t waste your time. Your breaks should include you getting out for some fresh air, a siesta, lunch, calling parents/spouse, reading, listening to music, spending time with your kids etc. leave the comedy re-runs for the evening with your spouse.

Make to-do lists

It’s always great to prioritize your work and making lists for the next day/week/month. It saves you time and de-clutters your mind and it will make multitasking so much easier for you.

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Google, Apple, Hewlet Packard and Amazon – what do these businesses have in common? Sure, they are ruling their respective industries, possess the highest market shares and are multi-billion dollar corporations but what else? A little known common fact about these business giants is that they all started in the back of a garage. Yes! Shocking isn’t it.

With the right execution, a small business that begins in the back of the garage has the capability to transform the living style of an entire generation. We millennials, belonging to the online generation of Google and Amazon, are a living proof of it. So if you have an idea and you are unsure about it because everyone around you jokes that it is way too crazy or unrealistic, well then maybe it is, but who is to decide that crazy is not good. Let me tell you, it is the decisions you make along the way. Below I have compiled a list of things that you should avoid to transform your crazy business idea into a great one.

Here are a few tips I wish someone had told me when I was starting my own business.

Sometimes those who wander are lost

For any business to work it is absolutely imperative to have a concrete business plan. You should make sure that you set small targets for yourself to ultimately achieve the big goal. You have to have an idea about where you are headed, what your target audience is and which market are you attempting to operate in. Having a road map makes it easier for you to reach your destination and you achieve your end goal faster.

Don’t be overly-positive about any outcome

It is good to be positive and optimistic about your business idea but don’t forget to look at the things critically in the process. Be wary of your flaws before someone else points them out for you. Try to opt for an active approach rather than a reactive one.

Don’t stick to a mistake just because you spent a long time making it

This advice is not only for new entrepreneurs, it can be applicable regardless of the scalability for your business. If something is not working out, as you had planned, stop wasting more time and resources over it and move on.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help

Even the best businesses out there require a team so why are you exhausting yourself by doing everything on your own? Don’t be ashamed or afraid to ask for help. Even if you have limited resources you can always depend on family and friends.

Don’t be afraid of making mistakes

Lastly the most important thing you should know is that no one can avoid failure completely. Yes you can learn from others’ mistakes and try and do things differently and this is why I have compiled this list for you. But you learn from your experiences, so don’t be afraid to dive in and give your 100 percent.

Good Luck! Now go and start working on that dream project of yours.


There was a time when working from home was the dream of people working in the corporate world, but now thanks to the internet, a whole world of new possibilities has opened up. The internet has left people spoilt for choice when it comes to communicating, entertainment and doing business. With the advent of technology, people have discovered new avenues for conducting their business and a huge shift or shall we say migration has taken place in the world of business.

Whether you are someone who is thinking about starting your own business or a working mother who wants to spend more time with the kids, working from home is a great option. Not only will you be spending more quality time with your family but you will also be saving a lot of money by cutting back on a nanny, baby sitter, daycare center or after school care for the kids.

Here are 4 surefire ways to kickstart your very own business from home:

1. Create your own things

If you are skilled in painting, knitting, arts and crafts, then why not maximize your profit and create things you love at the same time? You can sell your handmade creations online and improve on your skills. There are many websites that promote and sell handcrafted items. The most popular ones are Etsy, Bonanza and even Ebay. If you have a penchant for everything organic then Abe’s Market place is the go to website to sell your handmade/home grown products.

No matter what, there will always be someone out there who is willing to pay the price of your choice for a handmade item. That is why handmade items are comparatively having higher prices than factory made ones.

2. Sell goods

You can buy things in wholesale and sell them at a retail price on websites such as Amazon or Ebay. Just ensure the items are original and in good condition so that customers don’t leave a negative review for you. It is really important to have good ratings for your online store front these websites. Alternatively you can also sell your old or used products at a cheaper price if you are thinking to get rid of some stuff.

3. Sell your services

If you don’t have any products to sell, then you can sell your services to people. You can be a masseuse, baby sitter, daycare person, psychic service (for the crowd that prefers it), or any other service that can be done from home as long as its legal and you have a license for it should the profession require it.

4. Freelancing

There are tons of freelancing opportunities online that you can do. Whatever profession you are in, you can find a freelance version of it online. Whether its graphic designing, coding, writing, business consultation etc just research on it and you will find one.


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A list of fears that every entrepreneur should overcome to be successful

What would you do if you weren’t afraid?”

This question practically changed my outlook on life and helped me in making the toughest decisions, in the most crucial times.

Ask yourself, how many times you have lost valuable opportunities just because you were afraid? The feeling or realization is not pleasant, but if you are reading this, it means that you have accepted your weakness and you are looking for ways to overcome it.

Entrepreneurship is a journey and the end destination depends on the routes you take along the way. This instills a fear of unknown in many entrepreneurs. Here are 5 fears that you have to overcome to be a successful entrepreneur.

Fear of taking the first step

To begin a journey, you have to be brave enough to take the first step that puts you out on the path. Often, the decision of taking the first step is the hardest part about the whole process. The fear of starting can be a result of over-thinking and over-analyzing every little detail. I have heard people giving excuses like, ‘Oh you know, I am trying to perfect all the details before starting, I am a perfectionist.’ But let’s face the hard truth, you are not a perfectionist, you are just afraid of starting. Either that or you are confused about where to start from.

As an entrepreneur, you should understand that, setting up a business is not a onetime thing, it’s an ongoing process. You learn through your experiences and you evolve along the way. So you should stop trying to perfect the details and focus more on executing them.

Fear of taking the risk

One of the defining characteristics of an entrepreneur is that they are not afraid to take the risks. When you are employed and working for someone else, they have to take the hard decisions about the future of the business. You just have to follow the orders to reach that goal. But while you are running your own business, it is you who have to make the call. You have to take the risks, in order to get the returns.

The fear or taking the risk arises because of the uncertainty of the outcome. While you cannot omit 100% uncertainty, with careful speculations you can predict the outcome to certain accuracy. And that assurance is enough to overcome your fear of taking the risk.

Fear of failure

You should understand it from the first step, that failure is inevitable. So don’t let the fear of failure cripple you and crush your spirits. When you were a kid, you didn’t learn how to walk the first time you decided to do it, but you did it anyway, you learnt it over a period of years. Apply the same philosophy to your career. Give it your 100%, hope for the best outcome but be prepared for the worst to happen.

So the next time, you fail at something, look at situation critically and ask yourself what you learned from it. It will change your perspective and transform the way you do your business.


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So technology has evolved so much in the last century but in the last decade or so there has been a rapid increase in innovative technology that many industries either had to completely change their business model or had to go out of business eliminating an entire industry. The sign of entering of a new era is that when an industry either disappears or has changed into something new and better. Here are just some of the industries that went away due to innovations:


  1. Photograph industry

With the emergence of the digital age, came the digital cameras and photography. Companies like Kodak and Polaroid were no longer enjoying profits like they once used and Kodak actually had to file for bankruptcy. Polaroid was a popular brand for introducing instant photographs, but with digital photographs you could see photos instantly as well but with a better twist: you could delete the ones that didn’t come out right and can only get the ones developed that you liked and this was something Polaroid could never do. So the old ways of photography were chucked out the window as special photography softwares also came along. The traditional photography isn’t completely gone yet as there are many old school photographers still working in the red room but commercially, there has been a huge migration towards the digital side. People prefer to keep DSLRs now rather than a Polaroid or film reel camera.


  1. Video cassette & VCR’s

Video cassettes have been totally replaced by CDs and VCRs have been replaced by DVD players. And in many cases there has been a shift of going completely digital because people are switching from buying CDs to watching movies online. Companies like Blockbuster had to file for bankruptcy too because they didn’t change with the times. People started to download movies and purchase them online and new companies like Netflix offered its users to watch TV shows and movies online without even having to go to a store, so ultimately the video rental and cassette industry ended. Everything has gone digital, people make videos through their mobile phones and can easily upload them or burn them on CDs.


  1. Audio cassettes & CDs

Audio cassettes were already on the way out when CDs became popular. But nowadays even audio CD’s are getting less noticed as digital music is being preferred. The use of mp3 players like iPods and smart phones where you can easily download music is the trend now. Nobody uses CD players to listen to music anymore.


  1. Books

They haven’t become obsolete and many people have debated and argued that they will never completely be out of fashion but with the invention of reading tablets like iPads and Nook more and more people have started to download e-books. It saves people space and they have the added advantage of carrying around their entire library in a thin device that they can read anytime and anywhere, even in the dark. The publishing is also taking a huge shift towards the digital side.



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Find out how technology has evolved in the last few years.

The thing about technology is that if you can’t grow with it, you will soon lag behind in a world that is fast paced. Its really important to keep up with the times but the key is to do it one step at a time. We need to grow and evolve in a step by step manner. Evolution and growth don’t happen overnight. It is an ongoing process of wear and tear, creation and destruction and reinvention.

In about 30 years the use of solar panels will be so common that most of the world’s energy be through solar power but if everyone all of a sudden started using solar panels tomorrow, then the oil and gas industries will go bankrupt and out of business, people will lose their jobs and it will result in huge economic chaos. So technological advancements are being made little by little and are being incorporated in the lives of people at a micro level every day.

However, here are just some of the new technologies that have emerged and will probably be common in the next couple of decades.

Brain implant

This is relatively a very new thing and something people were not expecting. Sure, we have all seen other organs being transplanted but when it comes to the brain; everything changes to a whole new level. But there have been successful experiments through trial and error being done on lab animals that suggest that brain implants are not that far from the future. A microchip will be implanted in a person’s brain that will read the brains’ signals and thought processes and make a person move. It will help people suffering from paralysis and other brain related damage like nerve or speech problems be recovered. This technology is expected to be common after 10-15 years.

Self Driving Trucks

There have been many truck driving accidents on highways and people usually lose their lives. Usually the drivers are sleepy, or at times drunk, and this becomes really dangerous. People have developed a new way to combat this situation: self driving trucks that can sense a vehicle for miles and calculate how to drive and when to take a turn or break. This technology will be common in about a decade or so. Right now it’s in the testing phase.

Accessing things through face/eyes

This is becoming quite a common thing now and it’s available across certain countries already. UAE for instance has an eye recognition immigration, where a person just has to look at the machine and it scans the retina. ATM’s use facial recognition technology to keep track of the person who is taking money. This helps in tracking criminals a well and updating the data.

 360 degree pictures and videos

No more one angular photos, but now a person can take 360 photos and videos can be watched in the same way as well. This technology is being used by retailers and real estate agents so that people can have a better view and look at things before they come over for a real time view.

Read on to know why women in the world are taking the work- from- home route.

Women these days are changing the business world by storm by choosing to stay at home while still working. They are getting the best of both worlds and there are plenty of good reasons why. Here are just some of the reasons they are ditching the corporate world behind:

Saving money

Women who are working from home are saving big bucks because they don’t have to pay extra gas money for commuting to work. Who wants to spend long hours of traffic in the morning and evening? It causes stress and empties the fuel tank as it is. They no longer have to iron their office clothes for the next day and ultimately save on electricity. Women used to previously spend almost half of their salary on a quality daycare or some reliable baby sitter every day. Well, now they can save thousands of dollars annually by cutting back on these costs.

Making money and contributing to the economy

Women not only contribute to the household by working from home but also contribute to the economy. Just because women are working form does not mean that they are contributing to the economy any less. Women are earning a fairly good amount of income just by staying in the comfort of their home. This injects millions of dollars into the economy and home run businesses make up around 35% of women who are in the work industry.


Women by design are natural multi-taskers; they can handle the work and manage the household at the same time. This is not to say that they don’t get exhausted running their own business, but they can manage their time more efficiently and do things their way. This leads them to spend more time with their family and not worry about the household affairs much as they previously did when working in offices.

Work life balance

Running a business from home offers so much flexibility for women that finally the perfect work life balance is achieved and perfected. They can do things that they previously couldn’t before and can balance work and home issues easily.

Saves time

Running a business from home saves so much time and in the business world time is money. Women don’t have to wake up early and rush to work, nor do they have to get stuck for a long time in traffic. This saves them a lot of time in which they can do other tasks, like checking up on emails, eating breakfast with family or any household chores that need to be done. Women can even take breaks as per their convenience or afternoon naps. This greatly reduces any stress or anxiety they might be having and is a good way to relax and unwind. These all were not possible before work from home became so accessible and viable.