Women empowerment through home run businesses

Read on to know why women in the world are taking the work- from- home route.

Women these days are changing the business world by storm by choosing to stay at home while still working. They are getting the best of both worlds and there are plenty of good reasons why. Here are just some of the reasons they are ditching the corporate world behind:

Saving money

Women who are working from home are saving big bucks because they don’t have to pay extra gas money for commuting to work. Who wants to spend long hours of traffic in the morning and evening? It causes stress and empties the fuel tank as it is. They no longer have to iron their office clothes for the next day and ultimately save on electricity. Women used to previously spend almost half of their salary on a quality daycare or some reliable baby sitter every day. Well, now they can save thousands of dollars annually by cutting back on these costs.

Making money and contributing to the economy

Women not only contribute to the household by working from home but also contribute to the economy. Just because women are working form does not mean that they are contributing to the economy any less. Women are earning a fairly good amount of income just by staying in the comfort of their home. This injects millions of dollars into the economy and home run businesses make up around 35% of women who are in the work industry.


Women by design are natural multi-taskers; they can handle the work and manage the household at the same time. This is not to say that they don’t get exhausted running their own business, but they can manage their time more efficiently and do things their way. This leads them to spend more time with their family and not worry about the household affairs much as they previously did when working in offices.

Work life balance

Running a business from home offers so much flexibility for women that finally the perfect work life balance is achieved and perfected. They can do things that they previously couldn’t before and can balance work and home issues easily.

Saves time

Running a business from home saves so much time and in the business world time is money. Women don’t have to wake up early and rush to work, nor do they have to get stuck for a long time in traffic. This saves them a lot of time in which they can do other tasks, like checking up on emails, eating breakfast with family or any household chores that need to be done. Women can even take breaks as per their convenience or afternoon naps. This greatly reduces any stress or anxiety they might be having and is a good way to relax and unwind. These all were not possible before work from home became so accessible and viable.