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Entrepreneurship: A highly beneficial journey after MBA

If you are an MBA graduate who has just stepped out of college, you should be thinking about entrepreneurship as the next move.

Are you a recent MBA graduate and thinking about what you should do next? What have you decided? Follow the crowd and get employed or break the barriers, and launch your own business.

We think you should go with the latter option, and your MBA degree will highly benefit you along the journey.  Oh, so you think that it’ll help you on your job too? You are wrong, and here is why.

Not paid enough

We’re sure that you think that your degree is the ticket to earning big money, just like the rest of MBA students. You think wrong; even with an MBA degree, your job still limits the amounts you can earn. Whether you put in too much efforts one day or too little the next, you’ll still get the same pay check that you do every time at the end of the month.

Not doing what you love

When on a job, there is very little chance that you will be actually doing what you love. Plus, most of the jobs out there are pretty monotonous, and you are bound to stagnate after some time.  With entrepreneurship, you do what you love, and you can try out something new every day. So one day, you’ll be planning out your product, after some time you’ll be marketing it, and then you’ll be selling it as well.  Thus, you are involved in literally all the aspects and learn so much.

Constantly answering to someone

If you decide to work for a company after acquiring your MBA degree, you will be reporting to someone. For all that you do, you’ll have to answer in the end. With entrepreneurship, you are your own boss. You do what you like and how you want. And no one can tell you anything.

Following your own routines

When employed, you have to follow a certain routine, and so every day will seem typical. However, if you setup your own business, your next day will be different from the previous one. You won’t get bored doing the same thing over and over again, because you won’t be doing the same thing at all.

Limiting your creativity

Employed individuals usually have to follow the already designed processes. And in many cases, there is slay little or no room to flex them. This limits your creativity, preventing you from unleashing your full potential. However, when you are your own boss, you can simply try out any great idea that you come up with. If you succeed, you can integrate it in your processes, and if you fail, you can just use it as a learning experience.

And it’s all going to end

If you climb the highest ranks possible during your job, it will all end the day you retire. And then you’ll have to rely on your savings mostly. Set up your own business, and you can forget about retirement altogether.


Do you now agree with us? What’s your next step forwards? Trust us, your MBA is going to be so muchg more useful if you become a business owner.