3 kinds of Businesses home makers should avoid doing

Read on to know which businesses are not a good idea for women trying to work from home.

As there is a new wave of female entrepreneurs in the business industry, there is also sub category of women who are running their businesses from home and prefer it that way. With all the benefits by working from home who would want to pass on that opportunity?

There is almost every industry to choose from and successfully run that business form home. As long as you have the skills, knowledge and the expertise, success will come flying your way in no time, all you need is patience and perseverance. However, there are certain businesses that cannot be done properly from the comfort of your own home. Some businesses are not legally allowed to be run from home or even if they are, they usually tend to get unmanageable if there is business growth and you need to hire more people. That is when a proper office space is required. Here are 3 business home maker women should avoid:

Spa/Wellness center

It sounds like a cool idea to turn a portion of one’s living space into a spa. It is indeed a lucrative business especially these days when everyone is health and beauty conscious. However, you need to be a licensed aesthetician and have few hundred hours (it varies from state to state) of experience under your belt. Plus there are certain renovations you will need to make in your home to qualify the place to be a spa according to the industry standards. You will have to ensure the place is absolutely hygienic and is designed in a professional way. This business will need some hefty amount of investment and maintenance and so it’s generally not advisable.


Pet sitting

This is a tricky line of work. Although many people are doing it and it is very profitable but we wouldn’t suggest this if you are new to pets and can’t handle many animals in your home at the same time. If you have expensive interiors or if you or somebody at home suffers from fur allergies then this is the worst kind of job out there for you. You won’t want dogs to be chewing the corners of your expensive leather sofa or cats scratching curtain and shedding their fur all over your place.

Selling jewellery

If you are thinking about starting a jewellery business form home then do it the right way or don’t do it all. If you are designing and selling jewellery online then by all means go ahead. But if you are selling jewellery in your home where people come to see it firsthand then it is not advisable. You never know when people can shoplift just by a quick glance or distraction somewhere else. Also, knowing that you have expensive jewelry at home, there could be chances of thefts and burglary in your home. You would have to invest in high end security cameras, alarm systems and what not to protect yourself and your family from jewellery thieves.