Education, Innovation
Read on to know why innovative strategies in education can transform the shape of the entire sector.

Everything changes with time and so do the methods and strategies for teaching and learning. The education sector has far too long been employing the same old teaching methods for students. The generation today relies heavily on technology more than ever. Therefore, in order for them to be engaged easily towards education, using technological methods has become necessary. New research has discovered learning disabilities in children that were once unknown. Children with learning problems used to be labeled as dumb or lazy but now they have a name for it. Now solutions are popping up for everything. So why can’t we use some of those solutions for the education sector?


Here are some reasons why the education sector needs innovation desperately:

To keep up with the times

Times are changing fast so the schools need to be kept abreast of new and improved teaching methods that they can introduce to their students. This is the age of the internet and more specifically social media and so the schools need to incorporate education into the lives of the students through these mediums as well. This creates a learning environment even outside of the classroom. Using new tools and gadgets will create a spark of interest in the students.


Preparing the students for the real world

School does not on the whole, prepare the children for the world really well. Gone are the days of readin’, writin’ and rithmetic’ and it’s more about project based earning and case studies. Students need to be thrown into the real world problems in order for them to come up solutions themselves. The teachers just need to steer them in the right direction. Students need to be taught critical thinking skills in order to be the future leaders, entrepreneurs and artists of tomorrow.


Idea generation

By employing new thinking models in the classroom, teachers can instill in them a sense of idea generation. They should be encouraged to come with solutions to problems and new ideas rather than just be taught from a rigid curriculum. How will they come up with new ideas if they are stifled by rote learning and de-motivating teachers?


They are the future

What we sow into the minds of the students today will reap tomorrow so we should do our best to provide them with a quality education. Who knows they might be the future presidents, ministers and lawmakers that can influence our lives.


Instill creativity

It has been proven by research that children in Montessori are the brightest because their classroom is a place their imagination can run wild. They can play with objects, build, break, learn, draw and color etc. They tell stories and have a keen interest in the world. But by the time they are in high school, most of the spark has been blown out by the school system. Risk taking and failures are considered shameful, so much of their creativity dies along with them. Students need to be encouraged to be the future artists, designers and creative thinkers of tomorrow.