So you have finally finished your MBA program successfully and are now exploring your options in the job market. Probably one of the reasons you are reading this currently is because you stumbled upon this post while looking for places to apply for job.

Wait! Just pause your job search for a while and hear us out. Well if you really wanted to try your luck at job market, why didn’t you do it after Bachelors? Or maybe even if you did why didn’t you stick to it? Why investing two years of your life in attending classes and paying a handsome amount to an institution when you could very well be cashing your Bachelors degree?

I know what you’re going to say, that it is difficult to land a good job by just doing Bachelors. Good and reputable companies want a person with diversified and skills set and prefer MBA’s over BBA’s.

Take a step back and analyze. Who gave companies that option of hiring over qualified employees for under qualified positions? It is all about the demand and supply. I am sure all of us have read about that during the course of our MBA programs.

The supply of over qualified MBA professionals looking for job increased and why would companies not hire someone with advanced skills set anyways? It is a complete win-win situation for them. But is it a winning situation for us? Not so sure.

Here are some of the reasons why taking up a job after completing MBA is a bad move.

1. You will be living someone else’s dream

You use your skills set and experience to build dreams of your employers. And the worst part is that you feel accomplished doing that. You take up a job thinking that it is a temporary refuge but soon it becomes your comfort zone that you are too scared to leave.

2. It kills innovation

When you decide to pursue a graduate studies program you already have basic theoretical knowledge about the subject through your undergraduate studies. You build up on existing foundations and explore the previously unexplored academic domains. This practice of critical thinking generally transforms into an innovator. When you decide to take a regular job after MBA you basically kill the innovative spirit by taking on the mundane tasks.

3. It is an era of entrepreneurship

There is a significant chance of humans loosing the current jobs to machines because of the rapid digitalization. People have developed complex algorithms for carrying out manual tasks and human expertise are no longer needed in those domains.

The only way to combat the predicted dreaded scenario is b human playing an active role in creative fields. If you still want to be employed in the next decade, utilize your MBA degree, put your creative entrepreneurial hat on and produce something that robots cannot.