Women form about 58% of the workforce in the USA. This percentage speaks volumes in itself because there was a time when they were limited to just cooking , cleaning, raising babies and at most being a secretary in a male dominated office. Women have changed the business world in many ways; form the creator of Spanx to the mogul of the Huffington post. Ladies have, are and will be part of evolution of the business world. If you want to be like them someday then here is how you get started and be back on track:

Get a self assessment

This is the first step to you starting your career again. You need to assess yourself and ask yourself some questions like:

  • Why do I need to start working?
  • Will I be able to handle and balance the work life and motherhood?
  • Will I feel fulfilled by working or am I doing so because the society makes me feel guilty be being a stay at home mom?
  • Do I need to make more money?
  • Will starting work find my purpose?

Many women, after having kids, experience a shift in their life’s priorities and don’t feel the need to go back to their stressful corporate lifestyles. Sure changing nappies and soothing a crying baby in the middle of the night is stressful but it is quite rewarding at the same time as well.

If you can answer these questions and they point out to you desiring to work then by all means get started because the longer you have a gap the less likely you will end up working again.

Explore your passions

You should start exploring areas of your interest that you can work and be successful in. If the boring office type of job doesn’t go with your liking then pick up a career that can be fulfilling and profitable at the same time. There are many options out there such as tutoring, arts and crafts that you can sell, blogging or pr9oject bases assignments etc. You can be your own boss because you no longer would have a boss hounding you or pushing for deadlines. There will be more room to grow. Brainstorm ideas for your business because who knows that can revolutionize an industry in the future?

Update your resume and skills

If you are a new mother and have recently left your office life, then most likely all of your Office skills are up to date, but if it has been more than few years then it’s time to brush up on MS Office, PowerPoint and Excel and try working in their newer versions. This will help you a great deal in working efficiently. Also, if you have done any volunteer work or online work then make sure to add that to your resume as well.

If you have done the above 3 things then you are all set to start working from home and join the thousands of stay at home moms in changing the work dynamics.