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This is a list of 7 interesting career opportunities for artistic souls and creative minds.

If you think that you are creative and artistic, here are the best ideas for you to start business in, in 2017.

Graphic Designer

If you have an eye for detail and can design, you should definitely consider being a graphic designer. The opportunities as a graphic designer are endless. You can work as an HTML/Java designer designing user interfaces for companies, work on mobile application or set up your business as a hand-letterer illustrator. Identify where your designing strengths lies and you can have a successful business out of it. Median salary for graphic designers in 2016 was $58,240 and is one of the most sought after career options in 2017.


With the evolution of social media and digital marketing, companies are on the lookout for good photographers, to create expressive product portfolios for them. Depending on your interest you can chose any of the niches to work for, in the wide world of photography. You can be a Fashion photographer, Wedding photographer, Wildlife photographer, Product photographer etc. The opportunities are endless and all you need is a good camera, an artistic vision and a passion for photography.

Art Seller

If you are an artist and make your own merchandise you can easily cash your skill in 2017. There are various sites, such as Etsy, where you can display and make profit on your art.


If you have a way with words and can use ordinary vocabulary to create an extraordinary impact on the readers then you should definitely consider being a blogger. However, the competition in the field is growing day by day because there is literally $0 cost of entering the market. To survive in this cut-throat competition having a unique voice and perspective is absolutely essential.

Vintage Reseller

Do you know that, Sophia Amuruso, the writer of #GIRLBOSS and CEO of multibillion dollar empire Nasty Gal, started off her career as a vintage reseller? If you can spot treasure amidst coal than you should definitely consider this option. Along with procuring vintage items, you need to have impressive styling and writing skills to be able to sell the product to your customers.

Cake designer

Gone are the days where people only had limited options for cake and baked goods. The word is gradually adopting French policy of adding finesse to their patisserie gourmet skills. If you can not only bake the cakes to perfection but also decorate them in a way that people cry a little before cutting them, then this is your calling.

Visual Artist and Animator

The world of animation is transforming drastically and new innovations are introduced rapidly. If bringing imaginary characters to life is what you enjoy doing, then you should opt for a career as an animator or a visual artist.