New Year New Goals – Setting Goals that Result in Growth

Many a times we set goals for ourselves without really thinking what we actually wish to achieve from of them. Only after reaching the destination we set our eyes on, we realize it wasn’t even worth the whole journey to begin with. Worst is the situation when we still insist of pursuing the same goal despite knowing we are not achieving anything from it. This is indeed one of the biggest leadership fails. Your journey as a leader should begin only after you have set the right goals for you and your team – goals that matter and goals that actually result in growth and improvement for everyone involved in the journey.

Understand the Need to Change Goals

While determination and resolve are great traits to have as a leader, flexibility is one thing that goes a long way. Flexibility is what lets you bounce back from a fall, learn from your mistake. It saves you from the state of denial, and lets you through the first step of dealing with failures i.e. accepting the failure. It applies to setting goals as well. As a leader, you should know that goals may be needed to change for many reasons. It could be because they weren’t right to begin with or because they became obsolete or less important because of other variables. What should remain constant is your vision; the moment you find your goals drifting away from that vision, know that you need to set better, more relevant goals. Successful corporations treat goals as milestones and go for new ones after certain period of time.

Take It Up a Notch

Your previous goals may have result in positive growth, but with that growth comes the need to aim higher. Consistency kills competitive edge. If you reached the second best position this year, you need to aim for the lead this year. If you gained lead this year, you need to set new standards next year. If your goals aren’t challenging enough, they won’t be useful enough. There is no point wasting your efforts on maintaining the same position. Eventually, your best won’t be best enough. So, as a leader you must be as brave as you are wise. Even if you missed a few goals this time, review your strategy to find out what went wrong and go for bigger goals with you improved strategy.

Lastly, let your team in on the change. Get their input on the goals you have achieved and ones you missed. Set goals that are aligned to that one vision you share with the whole team and start anew with new goals, new strategies and new zeal.



Mayur Ramgir

Mayur is a visionary and the founder of Zonopact. He is passionate about what he does and innovation is at the heart of his success. He has contributed to various research projects and single-handedly developed CLINTRA, a latest innovation in enterprise software. Having keen business acumen led Mayur to start his first business at the age of 18. He has completed MS in Computational Science and Engineering from Georgia Tech (USA) and other degrees and professional courses from University of Sussex (UK), University of Mumbai (India), MIT (USA) and University of Oxford (UK).