Ideation Therapy

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Idea generation is the early stage of innovation. We can say that it is a process of creating, developing, and communicating concrete, visual or abstract ideas. Without any idea, you cannot possibly think about innovation. It gives you the power to expand your limited range of ideas. The point of an ideation therapy isn’t just about thinking about a lot of ideas, but to improve their quality and standards as well. It is not an easy job to come up with high-quality ideas in just one day. It requires great experience to think something worthy to start innovation. However, there are some tips, tools, and techniques by which you can generate new ideas more systematically.


What you’ll learn:

  • You will learn about new brainstorming techniques to open up your mind.
  • You will be using mind-mapping techniques to better map your ideas and thoughts.
  • You will learn the step-by-step idea generation process to think new ideas.
  • You will learn the process of model making.
  • You will learn how to strategic idea mapping to think about great ideas.

Benefits of this course:

  • You will be able to use ideas an unlimited source for greater innovation
  • You will be developing a futuristic vision to see the outcome of your ideas
  • Your thinking process will be much faster to resolve challenges and obstacles
  • You will develop a wide perspective to see things and opportunities
  • Your workload will be easier to lower down because of faster and effective idea generation

Who should apply:

  • Any individual who wants to give a head start to his/her career.
  • Any entrepreneur or a businessperson who wants to improve his/her thinking capability.
  • Any aspiring innovator who want to innovate something.
  • Management professionals who have to face day-to-day challenges
  • Those individuals who are unable to keep up with their workloads at their workplaces

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