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Our Mission

Every kid has a desire for his or her home, not simply for food and a bed, but also for safety and community. Most significantly, it is for love. The ‘Mayur Ramgir Foundation’ is a unique orphanage project that serves the purpose to nurture Out-of-Home Care children, including those once left neglected, abused, and one without parents in need of shelter and protection. The program emphasizes providing children with outstanding physical and mental health, adequate nutrition, a solid education, and multiple growth opportunities.

We want to build a dedicated team of professional social workers, volunteers, caregivers, and child health care specialists collaborating to offer the love, safety, and support that children require to blossom. We’ve planned to set up our orphanage in a middle-class neighbourhood, which allows for a lot of community engagement, interaction, and love of family. With the Mayur Ramgir Foundation, children will thrive as they mature into productive, responsible members of society.

How Can You Support Our Orphanage Programme?

Those of us who are fortunate enough to have parents cannot understand what it must be like to live without them. Our hearts go out to the little children who lost their parents with the passing time.
Most individuals conceal their desire to aid orphans due to concerns such as financial issues, time constraints, shortage of time, and so on. Those who sincerely want to assist can help our foundation in the following ways:

The Goal Of The Program

Bringing Hope To Vulnerable Children

Through the Mayur Ramgir Foundation, we will try our best to nurture youngsters who lack the protection of their primary caregivers. The children will grow into self-sufficient, socially responsible citizens of tomorrow with access to mentorship, parental supervision, nutritional food, education, extracurricular activities, clothes, and physical and mental health care. The principles we instil in our children will encourage them to make a good change in society when they grow up.

Encouraging Physical And Mental Well-Being

At Mayur Ramgir Foundation, we want to take care of children’s physical, mental, and emotional well-being by addressing their specific health and psychological requirements. Orphans often suffer malnourishment, unthinkable trauma, and sickness as a result of exposure to loss, neglect, or abuse in the past. At our foundation, regular health checks, immunizations, and a well-researched mental health care system will be there in place, augmented with accessible trauma-informed treatment. These activities treat any physical and emotional concerns and promote psychological resilience in our children; they will grow up feeling loved, understood, and hopeful about the future, and they grow up to be responsible citizens.

Long-Term And Aftercare Rehabilitation

We will establish an Aftercare program to assist our children from foundation beyond the age of 18 until they achieve financial independence, assuring a “continuum of care” even after they reach adulthood. The foundation care will remain by their sides, adapting them to employment and marriage based on their needs, abilities, and education.

Day-To-Day Life In Orphanages

Engage the children in group activities such as physical activities, singing and dancing programs, and creative activities that do not require any large materials or playthings but are quite successful. It teaches the kids’ team spirit, how to take things in stride (which we believe is the first trait any child should acquire), and how to trust their peers (which leads to several positive things like learning together and learning from each other, handling tough situations by taking help from friends, sharing their emotions without fear and hesitation). Also, when they are playing, a youngster with leadership qualities will undoubtedly take command and lead the way. That feature may be developed and improved upon. Some children may not be good in school, but they can learn that they are good at sports and other activities via these games. This boosts their self-esteem and has the potential to alter their life.


Our foundation is aiming to welcome many independent psychologists, physicians, mental health specialists to evaluate our kids and doctors to do monthly checkups.
Common citizens will also be welcome to our orphanage, have a look at our financials, how it is utilised, have feedback/interview from kids around and about the orphanage, and spend quality time with kids.

At Mayur Ramgir Foundation, we will ensure that our resources are properly utilised in the welfare of our kids in the most effective, efficient and transparent way. We will be happy to welcome third party organisations to do monthly audits, have a look at how we are following government guidelines and suggest their assistance in any matter.