Startup Club

All our dreams can come true, if have the courage to pursue them

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An entrepreneur is a person who sets up his/her own business (startup). We believe that such a person must have great courage to take financial risks to search for growth and success. An entrepreneur is seen as an innovator who has new sets of ideas, goods, services, and business.

What is Startup Club?

A startup club is an open, collaborative and inclusive platform where new startups can discuss from idea to seed funding and beyond. We aim to accelerate and incubate the new startups and grow the member startups in the club. 

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What is Important in a Startup?

Starting a new startup might become a though to execute. However, if an individual considers these 6 steps, then he/she can jump into launching a successful startup:

  • Sense of Right Timing: Picking up the right time to launch a product is a crucial step for a successful startup. This determines the success rate of the product or service.

  • Managing the Budget: Thinking that you’ll be earning a big chunk of money at a blink of an eye is a big mistake. Managing the expenses is very important from the beginning.

  • Strong Self-discipline: Exercising self-control and sticking to your agenda is a must to achieve consistency and targets. This especially important during the early phase of setting up an enterprise.

  • Sharp Social Skills: Having an idea is good but having good social skills is even better in order to present your ideas to people (clients, investors, mentors, etc.)

  • Money: It is the most important tool to buy resources and workforce. Selecting the right sources for money is important to decide the future of the company. 

  • Managing Man Power: Building up a successful startup requires equally distributed hard work. This means your workforce may need to take multiple roles to fill any remaining gaps.

Advantages of Joining the Startup Club

  • New entrepreneurs will learn useful entrepreneurial and leadership skills

  • The Startup club will create a community of entrepreneurs and innovators

  • The startup club will get the exposure of investors to pitch their ideas

  • Motivational speakers will be attending the club to motivate the members

  • The entrepreneurs will learn about efficient time management, strategic thinking and organization skillsThe entrepreneurs will be able to polish their presentational skills with period group activities like debates, speeches, brain-storming events, and group discussions