Impact Leaders Club

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A leader is an individual who has the capacity of managing a company to set and achieve challenging targets. He/she can take immediate and decisive actions when required and inspire others to perform their best. Leadership in company is very important to steer the company and its workers in the right direction. This process involves the leader showing the right path to effectively perform their job and responsibilities.

What is Impact Leaders Club?

At Impact Leaders Club our vision is to inspire each other by exchanging the best ideas and best practices to develop new approaches to leadership. COOs, CFOs, CMOs, CTOs, etc. can become a part of this club. Our aim to create a global network of talented leaders where people are ready to become mentors, investors, or both. Whether you are passionate about finance or management, we are here to help you.

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Advantages of Impact Leaders Club

  • The leaders will be able to become a part of a constructive and innovative club

  • Members can exchange their ideas and develop new skills

  • Members will receive mentorships and motivational speeches from Mr. Mayur Ramgir (Industry expert)·

  • The leaders will improve their leadership skills and social skills.

  • The members will get the chance to participate in brain-storming events, group discussions, talk shows, debates and group events·

  • The leaders will get better exposure to develop business partnership

  • The leaders will develop improved organizational skills