Premier Clubs

Startup Club

Are you an amibitious entrepreneur, leader or you have just started a new startup? This is the place to join the community of entrepreneurs like you who are looking for ideas and fund. Our aim is to accelerate and incubate new business and build a community where new entrepreneurs can interact with each other. The startup club is perfect for you if you are looking for new opportunities and want to polish your skills. This could be the next beginning of your entrepreneurial and leadership skills. Are you ready to master the art of time management, strategic thinking, and organizational skills?

Impact Leaders Club

A leader has some of the most important responsibilities in an organization. He/she has to complete certain agendas and influence others to achieve maximum productivity. This club is ideal for executives in the topmost management positions like COOs, CFOs, CMOs, CTOs, etc. This is the best club to get mentorship for your future goals in order to become an effective leader. You will be forming a new community to develop your skills. Mr. Mayur Ramgir, an industry expert will give you mentorship and motivational speeches to keep you ahead. This will also give you a chance to develop new business partnerships.

Paramount Club

This is a top tier club for the top CEOs who are looking for new connections and build influence. A great way to learn about the new challenges in the industry and expand your reach to international businesses. You will be meeting top CEOs who could be beneficial for building new partnerships. Mr. Mayur Ramgir will be there to provide personal mentorship and consultancy with your business and personal growth whenever you need. Plus, you get the chance to explore our conferences, seminars, and events in five-star hotels and resorts. A perfect club to keep you updated with the industry standards and business experts.